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I Love Acid digital only release


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    • By seed
      I Love Acid Radio, 9pm GMT, on Hoxton FM

      live video streams:

      periscope - http://www.twitter.com/Hoxton_FM
      FB live - https://www.facebook.com/HoxtonForwardMovement/
      Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Posthumanmusic
      web - http://www.hoxton.fm

    • By seed

      Two analogue hardware acid jams by Luke Vibert, each side featuring a 12 min track designed as a DJ-friendly purposemaker
      Out November 2014, on a hand-stamped & numbered limited edition of 303 heavyweight 12" vinyl.
      Absolutely no digital ever, absolutely no represses ever.
      previously in the ILA series:
      ILA001 - Room 13 (DMX Krew & Bass Junkie) (sold out)
      ILA002 - Affie Yusuf (about 30 copies left at Juno Records)

      ILA004 - Jerome Hill
      ILA005 - Global Goon

    • By Rubin Farr
      Not bad for peeps who want em all, you get reserved colored copies as well:
    • Guest Agent1394
      By Guest Agent1394
      watched this a few weeks back,  dj luke vibert and posthuman // i love acid live on hoxton fm
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