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Unorthodox approach in finding pattern of our music.

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Since my exposure simultaneously to IDM, electronica and working in complex synthetic wavelet applications in Electronic warfare detection systems for the government. I was always intrigued by the signals that have been detected from airborne foe transmission to our receiving system. Although this has provided me with Parasitic spurious harmonics. There were times I collected this avionics emissions with a desire to attain their fingerprints without attenuation. With the power and latest software it provided me at that time ~ 2001-present. I have had the luxury of using the likes of Matlab, Simulink, Zemax and COMSOL to edit the recovers post processing. When I state post processing I don't mean to alter their characteristics, just to pipeline these to Matlab itself. Since wavelet transforms are based of of convolution this only arranges within a x||x matrix, just flipping the values to normalized yet having the same signal in frequency, amplitude and combining the lossless signal.
What I have found are intricate sub sets of spurious with respect to the carrier frequency emitted. There is a harmonious and almost melodic attribute that is present everytime.
Yes we all heard of perhaps speculative approach that known artist use in their music.
These two parallels are paramount indeed.
I just find this unorthodox approach to what had to be detected by my 27 years as a optical Engineer with RF background. You feel alone when you see something so pronounced and yet it is universal. Perhaps the nature of physics which is overshadowed by mathematics as in sequences and number patterns. I have conversed with other scientists in my realm, especially at work.
The final suggestion was always this... "You are aware of the clearance you carry and the implications of information if recorded for any reason without upper echelon peer reviews"
I am and although I have left this environment.
I have published numerous call signs which are now accessible to key words such as Fansong,
J Byrd as in the great jazz quintet to name a few. One is a conical projection scan that has a PKS topology. When this RCS is detected the Local oscillators in the RF low band with reveal a cyclonic swooshing sound, not a chirp but a unique sound when played back in a known sw.
These names are often the name of say a Soviet Era Sam or even more precise a monochromatic source in SWIR /MIR wavelength. Synthetic Aperture at an upper level is interwoven frequency and phase with amplitude. It renders an image such a point cloud as in LIDAR. In conclusion, it is found to be personal and nothing more on no matter how complicated a system could be at the end of the day, the signals are broken down without loss of information to a primative characteristic. Most on here are accomplished artists in their own right. Other speak of what is used and how it utilized in their favorite artists. My approach was by accident. Could be a bore and sure others will possibly say what's the relevance on here. I would expect this as just a form of assimilation and that for me an infectious melody is based of not a sinusoidal function by itself but that the emotions derived from the very nature of it are Neuroscience and nature combined. It is easy to say this but from my professional experience it was just another deeper facet to correlate the two.

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is there a correlation between the increase in frequency of wild tinfoil speculation and the imminence of a new boc album.

perhaps so.

it may be a case that the same analogue signals boc transmit into the stratosphere to produce their lofi sound also happen to subliminally interact with the foil-laden headwear of such speculators.

indeed boc are likely to be aware of this CIA obfuscation tactic where the best cover to mysterious happenings is to let the crazies have a voice.

then no one takes it seriously and its a surprise to all when the event actually happens.

the melding of fact and fiction is intentionality that fuels the boc hype machine and drives sales for commercial success.


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Excellent bump!

I knew I posted something about a homosexual pixie wagon. And gutting a shark with a can opener. But couldn't find it.

Expert Knob Twiddler General Discussion? No wonder I couldn't find it.

What kind of Devilry is this!

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I apologize for not responding if one was intended. For me to witness the final days of the Concord in the sky and how the doppler effect  varied within the atmosphere produced a unique sound. Without speaking of nostalgia, being a kid in 4th grade on the playground while a concord flew over forced its presence. It influenced our environment (playground) by its energy of high to low frequencies which integrated into kids pressure of speech. You would hear different many chopped up voices and at certain times (seconds), I remember seeing a friend speak to me yet never hear him. Rather I would hear another kids voice from across the swing set. I was not going through some psychotic episode. I just remember this astounding flying avionic that created some effects on lower energy transmission. 

I have much to speak about but this is perhaps not the site or topic many could be yawning to. 


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