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"Adapta and Uexkull find themselves becoming affected by recurring nightmares and visions of strange alien beings including greys, blue doctors and bugs. Eventually they'll have to confront their frightening visions,.. real or not..."


A2 Eltromat
B1 Glycon
B2 Temporeal

I think I forgot to listen to the last Bitstream EP, Switch Holo from 2018.

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My favourites are the original three Bistream and The Monsters from Id EPs on Signal and Retreat Pod on the also short-lived Pylon, although the Conner brothers' full discography including their solo work as Adapta and Uexkull on Brutalist Sunset is just brilliant.

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On 8/21/2020 at 8:27 AM, dcom said:

Digital in Frustrated Funk's Bandcamp.

Thanks! Been wondering when this was actually going to be available, with all the conflicting release dates out there.

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