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Bjarki - toiled rush ep

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48 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

disagree but they are really fun.

Bongo bong case in point. Smile ear to ear.


Reminds me of why I made the tough decision to leave a few cool WATMMers behind to see Jlin at DFN cause I knew Bjarki would be crushing it with tunes like these. Never raved harder than that evening and AFX the year prior.

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26 minutes ago, Diabrotikos said:

Does anyone know what's going on with the bandcamp ? Toiled rush and the pandemixes are gone...

Said it would only be available May 1. ?

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    • By Psychotronic
    • By dr lopez
      i think his music is fun. discuss?
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      Sorry if this doesn't fit exactly in the new release forum, but technically this video is highlighting the recording process behind Bjarki's forthcoming "Happy Earthday" LP on !K7 Records (I've heard it, and it's great!)... I know this is going to be of interest to WATMM so hopefully it's OK to stay in this subforum.
      Besides running Suction Records, I also run a documentary production company called Waveshaper Media, which specializes in electronic music documentaries... We produced the well-known modular synth doc "I Dream Of Wires" - which is currently streaming for free via Boiler Room TV:
      In addition to our 2 current feature docs that are now in post-production, "Electronic Voyager" (about Bob Moog), and "Subotnick" (about Morton Subotnick), we've just launched a new YouTube channel/Patreon, called WAVESHAPER TV.

      Our first episode was an interview with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy, and we've just posted Episode 2 today:
      Bjarki - Waveshaper TV Episode 2:

      Bjarki is the musical alias of Icelandic techno/electronic producer Bjarki R Sigurdarson, founder of the bbbbbb label, and best known as one of the key artists on Nina Kraviz’s трип (Trip) label. Bjarki scored a monster techno anthem right out of the gate, with “I Wanna Go Bang” from his debut 12-inch, but has since developed a more diverse and experimental sound. Waveshaper TV caught up with Bjarki on the outskirts of Reykjavik, joining him and a friend as they gathered sounds in Icelandic nature. After the sound hunt, Bjarki brought those field recordings back to the famous Sýrland Studio, to be processed and incorporated into his new album “Happy Earthday,” just announced for release on !K7 Records early next year.

      To see the EXTENDED EDIT of this interview (17min), and all past/future WSTV interview features, join Waveshaper TV on Patreon:
      Jason @ Waveshaper TV

      ps if someone could tell me how to make that Bjarki YouTube link into a direct embed, I would appreciate it - couldn't figure it out...
    • By d-a-m-o
      preview sounds nice :
    • By Extralife
      Great album from a great label. Never really new about him until the past few months and am sad to see that he passed away.
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