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Yo WATMM heads, just pinging you here to letcha know that I have been in a housey-funk mood lately with Milieu and now there's an hour of stuff like this at Recycled Plastics. Recommended if you liked Shallow Earth, and bonus points to anyone who can trainspot any of the samples used here. Price capped at $5.55, also!

Long distance hugs and virtual high fives,

Your pal Brian

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Sounds lovely! Bookmarked for when I've got some munny.


Hope you're doing well and everyone in your circle is healthy and safe. :beer:

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Actually listening to this right now! Loving what I’m hearing so far.

”Brain Drainger”...ha!

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So so good.

This album really cheered me up today - thanks, Brian.

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Thanks dudes, glad the jams are helping you throw the blues to the floor, and kick em out the door.


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This release kicks ass, snagged on sight! :doge::music:

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Thank you sir! Doge approved! 

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