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You're stuck on a island. You can only bring 5 artists.

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Autechre (still a lot of undigested material)

The Byrds

Brian Eno (I never paid much attention to his ambient stuff and I feel it would help me relax when I have nothing but time)

Led Zeppelin


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i need more information. stuck as in stranded and lost or just like a survivor type thing where i have to spend X amount of time on an island? and you say "bring 5 artists" does that mean i can a

Sabrina from boys boys boys Grace jones Yolandi vi$$er Brandy Shakira

Keep in mind... we are on an island...   Lee Perry  Desmond Dekker  Enya Brian Eno Jimmy Buffet    (I’m also assuming I’ll get rescued at some point... if not,

The Bumhole Band

Penis Party Hitz

Vagina! Vagina! Vagina!

MC Tony Toilet


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Wait wait wait wait. Is this bringing the artists themselves, or their discography? If I had OPN, James Ferraro, Blockhead, Burial, and Aphex Twin on the island with me I doubt we'd survive.

I'd need to research musicians who are survivalists too make sure who I wanted to bring with me. If we're talking just their discographies, then the people I just listed would do just fine for me.

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SAW productions

cold chisel Nin Tool 

a Tribe called slaves

Men at work

The drillinger escape plan

Nicked Cave & the Completist Seedlings

savage garden

the byrds & the beetles



lighthouse family


Starting list anyway


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Nurse With Wound

Stephen O'Malley (playing off that 'all side projects' rule)

Justin Broadrick (ditto)

Darren Tate (No, not the London DJ, I mean the reclusive drone artist from York)

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If it's the artists themselves that's easy


Swamp Dogg

The guy from The Tinklers


The other guy from The Tinklers

Annie Sprinkle

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j.s. bach + hopkinson smith and his baroque lute

pharoah sanders

fela kuti

a woman singer, but can't decide which one

stephen hitchell (intrusion)


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