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V/A - Analogical Force remix album (AF030LP)

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Wow, massive remix album from AF here: https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af030lp-remixes

?? https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af030lp-remixes  

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I received my vinyl today and sounds amazing. It will be one of my favorites this year without a doubt.

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matrix 14.2 is ridiculous

EOD track is sick

Humanoid, who is that? great stuff

and then Dwaalicht... please feed me a new album now

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    • By dsil303
      New RTR album incoming; bit more relaxed tunes this time it seems. (nevermind, side C  kicks in 😉 )
      Again a december release and double album. Could it be Sergio himself?
      Didn't see an existing thread, but combine when double
    • By mause
      Its about time! This record needs to be in every collection, given how ludicrous the second hand prices have gotten it was only a matter of time. Keep eyes open over at AF bandcamp and social media, should be later this year(?) 😄
    • By Rubin Farr
      12" hand numbered silver vinyl.


      A1 - Daed
      A2 - Rolando Simmons
      B1 - TechDiff
      B2 - Cignol
      B3 - Gareth Clarke
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      Well this has just been announced as AF028LP. Any thoughts as to who this is? I reckon it sounds a bit like Guavid, who for my money had one of the best EPs on Anal Force.
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