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I still believe that this is some of his best work. I was just listening to this one and thinking how damn funky it is!!!


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Big fan of all of the Slazenger releases for just that reason, funky funky. Would love if he someday released a new album under that moniker. 

Probably won't happen but a boy can dream can't he? lol

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Makes a racket is definitely one of Mr P's strongest releases. I would go so far as to say it has probably aged better than any of his other records as it was completely anachronistic when it was released. In fact it sounds kind of timeless. Superficially 80s sounding but doesn't really sound like anything from the 80s. The longer this paragraph goes on, the closer I am to deciding that this is actually his best output.

Stupid Wanker is one of his very best tracks imo. It's a 10 for me.


An absolute 10 of a track

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Posted (edited)

I think Das Ist Ein Groovy Beat Ja! is more 80s but I agree none of it quite sounds like it is from the 80s.

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