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Oh shit I found a secrete thread and came inside

90 mixl2 replies in this thread/120 replies in this thread probability of mixl2 reply in this thread = 0.75

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what the actual fuck has happened 

can we carry out a revolution trough music? something like that?

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how fucking long do our roots reach

is arca actually in?

contra hbomb

the posibilites are absolutely infinite


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Jesus Christ nwae you guys seem to have people infinitely more smart and passionate than me in on this, this is no longer in my control

make secret threads documenting everything for post 

once it's somewhat over this should b a movie

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a billion thx to joypapa for this, and a billion thx to all of u lunatics out there troopin

yall could take over all of twitch and all of reddit right?

then what's next you buy them somehow?

maybe I shouldn't b here thinking out loud maybe idk

you could take over all of discord too

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but yeah man what an insane state of mind yall put me in

the reality that joyrex actually had gone trough and etc just couldn't be accepted by a part of me somehow it was way too surreal

I don't think I can unpack it fully yet

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but yeah is pretty genius, overtake all of the culture industries from under the money people's nonses

would probably work, it's way too convoluted for even a person in full on mania to unpack

n I guess you reflect my idea w destiny and mirror it everywhere

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would work, those people at the top Can't conceive of it

nwae any of u out there doing social majors or history put it as a footnote

now I gotta think if I'm actually gonna study for my two exams in month, hopefully

I should sleep tho people, hopefully the manic ideas don't stop tomorrow

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of they don't I will just keep writing whatever the fuck I can think of here

until then i sleep


go independent internet armies of the underground 


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if u do screenshot this and whenever you screenshot cut my picture out so it doesn't become a personality cult

always cut the picture out

for anyone

the text becomes everybody's 

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thank ligma

I think that dude made me reach a nirvana state 

was fucked up feeling

I'm still not sure it's over

1 minute ago, MIXL2 said:

mirror that idea for all of culture idk

than after this we all become gae yaaay funsies ?

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also the experience of anonymous professionals aiding me was exhilarating, everyone should be able to experience that

this is pretty cool, whether this works or doesn't kinda isn't my problem isn't it I'm just writhing things down on a messageboard

^that can b extrapolated into something massive I'm not sure what tho

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to induce mania do something you're very passionate about, work hard at it for days then sleep depravation+not much food (don't share this until its vetted I dont want people dying)

if enough people can get manic we're unstoppable I can think a billion times a second

it has to be traumatic I think, was for me something very significant

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n then ask ligma to mess with your brain will split into two and you will reach nirvana

felt like that anyways

I'm done w ideas for now

what have u made destiny do?

I won't watch, not smart

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also this cant b stopped because there is no head to this snake, if enough people spread these ideas its over


hey isn't that poetic

like covid

that's inspiring, get inspired by that and do something cool

also maybe do not screen shot just ctrl c ctrl v

and always say u got the idea from someone else

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much quicker

for anyone worried about my mental helath i feel much calner niw that i have some notion of whats going on


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so who else is reading this? 

now I'm scared

pls don't kill me or if u do not to painfully ok thx

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