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Fallen - of memories and hopes

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Release date: 22/05/2020
Format: CD, Digital

Digital download is offered as name-your-price till release date.

This is a short story of a man who tries to realize if the life he has fought for is really what he was looking for.
So, one morning he decides to take an 8-day break from the everyday life, to reflect on what he has become, cause what he really wants as a human being, is just a little infinite shiny ray of true warm serenety.
releases May 22, 2020

W&P, mixed and mastered by: Fallen (October/December 2019)
Artwork by: Noah M / Keep Adding
Record label: Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series
Publisher: ROHS! RECORDS

Copyright © 2020 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
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