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    • By Joyrex
      Highly underrated band
    • Guest Al5x
      By Guest Al5x
      SELF EXPLANATORY, I'll start us off with some basic suggestions:

      Despite the seeming correlation in the title this documentary has nothing to do with 9/11. All about the 2008 financial collapse and everyone and everything that caused it to happen. Very, very interesting, at least for the subject matter, very maddening in places, and a bit too thick in information to process all in one sitting (at least for me ).

      A documentary that interviews and describes some of the major players of the utterly massive coke importation business in the 1970's and 80's, extremely fast paced, full of likable characters and honestly far more intriguing and enjoyable than movies like Scarface. This film is pure entertainment.

      Deeply disturbing documentary following one of the most notorious child molesting priests of all time. Gripping, disgusting and oddly interesting.
      YOUR TURN!
    • By MIXL2
      Now, I was surprised not to find a thread for this since it has been around for a while, a full version is available in the ballacid channel.
      However I know that a "remastered" version with fixed audio and better sync amongst other things was available on the channel 
      at the address youtu.be/gfc_xp113Oo until it was privated sometime during the last year.
      I guess this thread is for discussing the vid but also for letting people know if the remastered version ever becomes available again..
    • By beerwolf
      Yes my fellow friends here on watmm (surprisingly nowadays the place I seek sanctuary from an insane world)
      Please discuss this band and their music. I can never decide if they produce works of genius or works of utter boring drivel. I read Rate Your Music and come to the conclusion there are 3 camps of opinion. The first is the listeners who just hate them and as previously mentioned just create utter boring drivel, the second the ones who you can genuinely tell love their music and the third who are definitely sucking hipster bandwagon cock and think they are great but you know have only listened to the album once, and only bought it because they heard about it via the I Suck Hipster Bandwagon Cock Grapevine.
      Once again I have just played Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven and a few days ago played F#A#~
      And 'think' I fall in Camp One.
      Please discuss!!
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