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Anyone here know this guy from chicago ? it's really cool.

I've been listening to his stuff since like 15 years now, and I never ever met someone who knew about him, he seems totally off the radar.

i've been doing a quick search on watmm but found nothing related to him here (maybe i'm wrong !! )

I did not checked it out since a few years and I just saw he still releases stuff.

you can download for free tons of their early stuff on the https://padk-rad.com

the style switched a bit from eclectic lo-fi electro to more soft tech/house oriented stuff since around 2010, when 2 of the 3 original band member left.

in the old releases, check out "401K-RAD", "UTLTY", "T12 CD", "coldwentmodem"







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i remember finding the K-RAD stuff years and years and years ago and downloading some of what you mentioned...thought about it a couple years ago and was glad to see it was still online but the music just didn't hold up for me. there might be some gems in there of course, certainly brought back some memories at least.... i imagine some would be popular around here, that old school IDMish vibe

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yeah you're right, i've been listening to the new stuff since my first post, very good production / sound but way more "normal" / not original.

glad to read you about it ?

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