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Fucking FINALLY. I have an original copy of Dry I picked up on Discogs a few years ago, that wasn't in as good a condition as expected. So I may pick up a reissue. I also got a bootleg of Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea I picked up last year at Amoeba SF. Sounds and looks good so I suppose that will do me well enough and I don't need to replace that. BUT, I very much look forward to getting Rid of Me with a quickness, and eventually To Bring You My Love. The others? We'll see.




UMC/Island and Beggars today announce a comprehensive reissue campaign which will see PJ Harvey’s entire back catalogue – plus her two albums in collaboration with John Parish – released on vinyl over the next 12 months. For the first time, each of PJ Harvey’s album demos will be available as a stand-alone album on vinyl, CD and download.

This catalogue project will celebrate every aspect of Harvey’s recording career and afford a comprehensive and exciting look at the evolution of one of the most singular and extraordinary artists of modern times. 

The first release is DRY, Harvey’s seminal debut album back in print on vinyl for the first time in 20 years with the Beggars Archive/Too Pure Records reissue on 24 July. Released to worldwide critical acclaim on 30 March 1992 it was recorded at The Ice House in Yeovil and features the singles ‘Dress’ and ‘Sheela-Na-Gig.’ DRY saw PJ Harvey burst onto the global stage to begin her unique path.




Pre-order from the official PJ Harvey store:
*SOLD OUT* Dry – Demos * official store exclusive: limited number of signed vinyl * : https://PjHarvey.lnk.to/PJHstoreWE
Dry vinyl (for UK, mainland Europe, Australia, Greenland & Japan orders only): https://PjHarvey.lnk.to/OS-Dry-ReissueWE

Other retailers:
Dry vinyl: https://pj-harvey.lnk.to/Dry
Dry – Demos: https://pj-harvey.lnk.to/DryDemos


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She's one of my faves.  I don't have any need to rebuy the albums, but the demos may be nice indeed.  Her 4 Track Demos album is much stronger than the actual album they were done in prep for (Rid of Me).  The emotion is far more potent, and the stripped down, bare bones production is far more powerful.  There's an immediacy there which the Albini produced album was lacking (he'd say unproduced, but the fact that it sounds exactly like what you'd expect the Albini version of PJ Harvey to sound like speaks to the contrary, as much as I respect the guy).

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