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Venetian Snares 77 tracks/72 min massive retrospective mix


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So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix.
I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too.

No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point.
I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (really...), so I quickly did a Mixlr link :


Tracklist : https://pastebin.com/JYAnFYTN

Hope you enjoy.

PS: some might remember 4 years ago i applied the same principle on Autechre discography, still online (and ok for USA ;) : https://www.mixcloud.com/NYUHM/autechre-25-years-the-megamix/

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@ilt17hey i can't listen to your mix  proper right know (going to bed soon, and this ain't no ambient music lol)

but i've bookmarked this mix (hope i will think about going trough my music mookmark tommorow ?)

According to  your playlist , there are 77 vsnares tracks melted togethers, man, it's a work !!!!

I love his stuff, but i haven't been listening to it since a while. your mix might help me digging forward.

Back it the time i've been headbanging on "higgins low track glue funk hits" (absolutely ace album !)

among  others from (approximaltely) 1999 - 2007. I have such a lot to discover from vsnares, your post reminds me of it, so,....coool !

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