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Leyland Kirby - Death of Rave (Additional) & (Source)


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Limited time only. Issued on V/Vm Bandcamp.

Made available again for a limited time due to the number of requests for it in full, this has not been remastered or altered in any way from its original 2006 upload and originally it was only available as an MP3 download. Update, immerse, remember, erase.

Originally released in 2006. This is the full unedited and long unavailable 'The Death Of Rave' project. From its original press release. "An audio soup of half remembered rave anthems featuring all of the hits and many misses from the golden age of the Northern U.K. rave scene. From the run down Blackburn warehouses through to the M6 service stations enroute to Shelly's in Stoke the people came. The rave legacy no longer lives on, the corpse of rave bares no resemblance to those heady days in the late eighties and early nineties."





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I want this but I struggle to listen to everything that I purchase as it is.  Not sure how I will do 7 hours worth of new (to me) material justice tbh!



just realised its pay what you like... awesome work

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Had heard bits of this before but had it in my head it was one of his lesser releases for some reason....

But fuck me if it isn't brilliant! And am only like a 10th of the way through the behemoth!

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I used to follow his output quite avidly back in the mid 00s and the amount of stuff he gave away for free. So many gems were lost when he pulled the site down. I'm happy to see this is seeing the light of day again.

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I'm loving this so much but still kind of intimidated by the length of it! Been listening  to it pretty much constantly last few days and still only like 2/3s through the source album!

Got really into long ass albums recently but even then this feels almost to much..

Interested how others suggest listening to this monster, am still not sure whether to curate my own album from it (which would take effort in its self) or just dip in and out when I fancy listening, or drop in and play on shuffle or something? 

Anyone got any insight on how best to enjoy such a huge body of work?  

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