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190bpm Elevation _ ÔDyRiin' [+videoclip]

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Hi everyone, I hope you're good in these times !

Thanks to a post of Polytrix "Live streaming Ableton production sessions to learn from one another and share the experience" I started to stream what I do and in the #9 I produced this sound. It's been since March 2020 that I share some of my music sessions, and I will be gratefull if you hear and see this new one ; this particular period let some place to continue personal enjoyment, and for me it was experiments with DAW Ableton Live and video edition !

Far from now I opened a SoundCloud, Instagram & YouTube to expose all creations I have made. This is little and I continue improve as I'm able to everyday : I'm still looking the way of how I can arrange my experimentations in order to have a nice work result ! If you have some time to check my ancient videosounds, I will be honored to know what you think about my Riin' homemade ÔDy in learning 😇


Have a great day/night, huge thank you for your reading and everything !!


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