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Special Request - Spectral Frequency EP

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Title track I'd imagine many of us have heard, from the Zero Fucks album from last year.


Bleep's exclusive splatter vinyl is also pretty tasty:


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    • By Berk
      Saw this popping up. Reading the article and am not sure what to think about it all. Anybody in the know?
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      Worth buying for the Mescalinium United's We Have Arrived TTQ Mix alone.
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      Classic ambient house:
      https://www.normanrecords.com/records/181509-the-grid-flotation-special-request-remix?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Thursday Update 18th June 2020&utm_content=Thursday Update 18th June 2020+CID_3c624fe515aea34052007060523cc00c&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=Flotation - Special Request Remix
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      The summer of Special Request continues. This time, Paul uncovers lost tracks from his archive.
      This is gonna be good.
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      "Are you alright, m8?"
      Love most all Paul's stuff, but he really has hit a creative renaissance the past few years.  Loved the epic Belief System album -- and now it seems this is the first of four new albums to drop very soon.  
      Really digging the vibes on the preview track here and expect big things to come...
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