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GAS - Zeit


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    • By Xyloglotte
      Mylar Melodies (he of excellent Youtube instructional/gas videos concerning all things eurorack- http://www.mylarmelodies.com/) has started producing a podcast including interviews with producers and manufacturers.
      If they are anything like his videos beware: I have shelled out over a thousand pounds on this guy's say so (but not regretted a penny of it so far). Very cool guy who knows what he's talking about:
    • By modey
      What's been activating your GAS lately?
      I've been stuck in a limbo where I know I need to upgrade my audio interface (to something with real multiple inputs—perhaps the KMI K-mix), and at some point get some good monitors (or at least something better than my logitech 5.1 setup that I've been producing with for the past 5 years or so..), but keep looking at ebay/gumtree/local sites/facebook groups with the hope of finding good deals on synths. My latest desire has been alternating between an analog/VA poly (for lush space chords) and something like a DX7 or CZ101.. I somehow got it into my head that it needs to be an all-in-one keyboard unit, therefore negating the fact that I already have a JV1010 and monomachine (plus a full size controller keyboard!) that could probably cover the sounds I want.
      And then I look at stuff like the volca kick and FM and all kinds of other cheap devices that would do what my monomachine/machinedrum setup can easily do, but still have that damn gearlust :P
    • By cear
      May 2014 - Bleep - BLEEP10

      01. Gas - Die Wand
      02. Lone - Lizard King
      03. Machinedrum - aeolia
      04. Oneohtrix Point Never - Need
      05. Modeselektor - I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk
      06. Untold - That Horn Track
      07. Fuck Buttons - Brainfreeze (Alt mix)
      08. Dabrye - Click Clack
      09. Autechre - SYptixed
      10. Shackleton - Ganda Rising
      11. Nosaj Thing - Particles Aligned
      12. µ-Ziq - Hedges
      13. Byetone - Morning
      14. Nathan Fake - Vanish North



    • By KGW
      You might want to be quick on this one... limited to 300 records.

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