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Live Streaming Autechre On Twitch

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Hi, sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum section but I will be streaming me playing Autechre's music in the game Audiosurf 2 on Twitch today and tomorrow: https://www.twitch.tv/venisonsneers from 6pm to 9pm GMT.

I am playing through the whole of Autechre's back catalogue including the live sets. Today I will be playing the second half of Incunabula, Basscadet EP and the Anti EP. I started yesterday with Lego Feet, Cavity Job and the first half of Incunabula (I forgot to make a post here telling everyone, sorry you missed the start).

For those that don't know, AS2 is a game a bit like Wipeout where it generates tracks you fly along based on the music you load into it. You then have to collect multi-coloured blocks in time with the music and avoid greys in order to build up a high score.

So if you'd like to see some idiot attempting to play everything Autechre have released whilst flying along a rollercoaster-type track and collecting blocks for points, then come and join me. If anything it's just an excuse to listen to some AE.


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