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36 - Wave Variations - 07.03.20

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Just a heads up that Juno will have the vast majority of the stock, so order from there on Friday if you want a copy. They offer the cheapest worldwide shipping of any record store on the internet too (something like £4 to ship a 12" record from the UK to the USA... It costs me about £14 in comparison)

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      Some new music to keep us entertained during this time:
    • By jules
      New 36 cassette, gorgeous stuff as usual. I was lucky enough to nab one...
    • By brisk
      My new compilation double LP The Lower Lights, released by the lovely folks at Past Inside The Present.

      Available from https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/the-lower-lights
      There's about 25 copies left of the vinyl at the time of posting.
      Also, a companion cassette of alt tracks, called Beneath The Lower Lights available at https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/beneath-the-lower-lights on cassette tape/digital.
      Sorry I missed posting this earlier when more vinyl colour stock was available, but I figured better to post it now to give the watmm peeps a chance to grab the vinyl before it's gone. Cheers!
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      New 36 album, out now.

      2xCD edition + digital.   https://3six.bandcamp.com/album/black-soma   The 2xCD version is pressed on a 6 panel large digipak, featuring an ultra-high quality reverse print matte finish. It includes the main album + a bonus disc, featuring the previously vinyl-exclusive EP's Sine Dust (fully re-mixed and analogue remastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri), Tomorrow's Explorers and an exclusive bonus track 'Black Sand' which won't be available on any other format.    https://soundcloud.com/3six/36-black-soma-album-preview     Cheers 
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