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Favorite Plaid Songs? I'll Monitor the Results and compile up a "Best of" list for us.

President Squidward

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I saw a person do this on /r/Autechre, but since Plaid are no where near the popularity of Autechre on it's own reddit page, I thought I'd make the list over here. Anything Plaid is fair game, we'll do about 15-20 max. I'll link the results spreadsheet I'm making on google docs in a day or two, so you lads have time to compile your favs. I wonder how well this will do lmaoooo. I'll do it in like "top 20 max" for each user and then bring it down to your "top 5", and then count the votes for each song from highest to lowest amount, with each track on each number of votes being listed in alphabetical order.

we should honestly do a remake of that for here with autechre and other artists tbh. would be fun. My strong suit is Plaid so the Autechre one for here would be so fucking overwhelming for me to do. XP I'm gonna think about my top 20 while you guys compile yours.

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All of Mbuki Mvuki

Abla Eedio (Freemix)



Lamb's Eye

Churn Maiden


Tak 1

Tak 2

Tak 3

Twin Home




P.S. If there's a requirement that I have to be able to listen to it in the car at a reasonable volume without embarrassment, then erase everything after Headspin

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Double Figure: Eyen, Squance, Assault on PZ, New Family.

P-Brane: Coat

Not for Threes: Abla Eedio, Kortisin

RPC: Shackbu, Ralome

Spokes: Even Spring, Get what you gave

Greedy Baby: To, The launcing of big face

Reachy Prints: Hawkmoth


Polymer: Maru

Booc: Booc

Balil: Rosery Pilot, 3/4 Heart, Norte Route

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