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Anitta - Best Wishes (X4 Records)


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    • By mause
      New EP, 6 tracks by me and 6 remixes from some wonderful people!
      Vinyl and digital preorders available over at the MBC Bandcamp!!
      Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Christmas!
    • By mause
      and its pretty good we think.
      we would appreciate it if you took a peep!
      starring such braindance people as; Love Horses, Lee, Utopia Cloak, Dollarstore Keyboard, Greystar and many more!!
      put this lot in yer ears why not.
    • By mause
      All live cassette takes, nice lineup of cool people and some belting tracks.
      "From heart to mixer
      from mixer to tape
      from tape to oblivion"
      Live tape recording project from:
      Human Behind Pluto, Anitta, entrave, Bot Fa-7, Dollarstore Keyboard, Cassilda & Carcosa, mause, je1ku, ambicumber

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