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Tom Middleton - ASIP 100


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01. Tom Middleton - ASIP + 9128 intro
02. Global Communication - 0:54
03. The oldest sound in the cosmos - cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang Tuning out Saturn radio waves
04. Carl Sagan - Voyager Gold Disc interview
05. Ganymede and Whistlers
06. Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Pt.1
07. Tomita - Suite Bergamasque / Clair de Lune
08. Vangelis - Dr. Tyrells Owl
09. Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand - Luisa
10. Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
11. Underworld - Sunshine
12. Brian Eno - 3M5
13. Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger (Alex Somers Remix)
14. Lowercase Noises - The Last Stages of Consumption
15. Global Communication - 4:14
16. Kara Lisa Coverdale - Grafts (edit)
17. bvdub - Make The Pain Go Away
18. Steve Roach - This Moment Is Memory
19. GCOM - Atmosphere Test
20. Brian Eno - Signals
21. Qebrµs - ۩ ִ ְ ֲ ֳ ֲ ۩ - 05 ฌฎ๒๓๔ญ°°°°°
22. Marc Streitenfeld - Earth
23. Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (Theme from 'The Cosmos')
24. Tom Middleton - Sunset
25. Reload (+E621) - Event Horizon (TM edit)
26. Boards of Canada - Olson
27. The Orb - O.O.B.E.
28. Shur-i-kan (Tom Szirtes) - Ebb and Flow
29. Jeff Taylor Cross - Ambient 02
30. Spooky - Orange Coloured Liquid
31. Marcomé - Memoria
32. Aphex Twin - Lichen
33. Lowercase Noises - Ambient Songs 06
34. Laraaji - Being Here
35. Machine Drum - 528Hz Love Frequency
36. Yoko Sen - Sleepscape 6
37. Tom Middleton - St Ives Bay
38. Dustin O’Halloran - Memories (Lion)
39. August Wilhelmsson - Somewhere in Between
40. Sienna - Seven Bays for Seven Days
41. Lights & Motion - Glaciers
42. Rone - Human
43. Tom Middleton - Sea Of Glass (Jon Hopkins mix)
44. One Divided Soul - Of
45. Jakob Ahlbom - Ether
46. LA Synthesis - Zyllvakrynn
47. The Presets - Promises (Nils Frahm Version)
48. Ilya Malyuev - Universe
49. Global Communication - Incidental Harmony
50. Tom Middleton and Ulrich Schnauss - Midaus 1
51. Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU (Ambient mix)
52. Mmoths - Deu
53. John Beltran - Clouds Pull
54. Universal Solution - Liquid Love
55. Ralf and Florian - Tanzmusik
56. Brian Eno 1:1 (excerpt)
57. Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders (featuring Tommy Middleton) - Always and Always
58. Ben Kenobi - The Force Will Be With You Always

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    • By hayhook
      “In addition Middleton will focus on the cosmos’ influence on his new Sci-Fi/Sci-Fact concept album – an imaginary soundtrack to anthropocene man’s search for a habitable exoplanet in our neighbouring star systems.”...
      From the press release for the upcoming
      Friday 29 June 2018
      Starts: 7:30pm
    • By Rubin Farr
      Performing past Global Communication hits, as well as "new forthcoming material under the GCOM moniker"
    • By hayhook
      Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard (AKA Global Communication, Reload, Chameleon, Secret Ingredients, Link & E621)
      had a short run from 95-99, as the Jedi Knights, releasing new-electro, funk, house, techno, and drum-n-bass
      until a remix for Depeche Mode put them on George Lucas' radar resulting in a cease and desist on using the name.
      This is a collection of their complete catalog compiling everything from the classic "May the Funk Be With You"
      on Clear Records, to their many remixes, to their final unreleased "Return of the Jedis" EP.
      Bless the Funk.
      1) Antacid [Jedi Knights Remix] - Link & E621
      2) The Flow [Jedi Knights Mix] - Model 500
      3) Noddy Holder - Jedi Knights
      4) Science Friction - Jedi Knights
      5) Jumbo [Jedis Electro Dub Mix] - Underworld
      6) Absorber [Jedi Knights Remix 2] - Bomb The Bass
      7) Lessons - Jedi Knights
      8) Pubic Funk (Live) - Jedi Knights
      9) Dance Of The Naughty Knights - Jedi Knights
      10) May The Funk Be With You - Jedi Knights
      11) Air Drums From Outer Bongolia - Jedi Knights
      12) Big Knockers - Jedi Knights
      13) One For M.A.W. - Jedi Knights
      14) Nutsin - Tom Middleton
      15) Catch The Break - Jedi Knights
      16) Elkah (With Rice And I) - Tom Middleton
      17) Afrika Shox [Jedis Elastic Bass Remix] - Leftfield
      18) Home [Jedi Knights Drowning In Time] - Depeche Mode
      19) Time Machine - Mark Pritchard
      20) Absorber [Jedi Knights Remix 1] - Bomb The Bass
      21) Solina (The Ascension) - Jedi Knights
      22) Jumbo [Jedis Sugar Hit Mix] - Underworld
      23) Disco Magic [secret Ingredients Mix] - The Jedis
      24) Human Blancmange - Jedi Knights
      25) The Truth - Jedi Knights
      26) Afterlife - Jedi Knights
      27) 3000 Fuckery - Jedi Knights
    • By hayhook
      Mark's Doing a Q&A over at gearslutz
      Anything you wanna ask about how he made any of his music.
      Mostly Gear talk but some nice little anecdotes floating through there as well
    • By hayhook
      Two more of the Remasters by Jedi Master Mark Pritchard are up on Bleep!
      Mystic Institute - Cyberdon EP (Reload Remixes)
      Link - The Augur EP
      The Cyberdon EP contains the Original "OB-SELON MI-NOS (Repainted by Global Communication" that was later to become the classic "14:31" on their 76:14 Album
      the Augur EP is Three Exquisite Link tracks, long out of Print and now WITH TITLES!
      Available now at Bleep.com in Flacs and 320s, but The Evolution Records Page is F'd up and direct links to the Flacs from the MP3 version are not up
      so you have to do a little work to find them. grrr. Bleep get your shit together on this!
      Also on vinyl at Clone Records...
      Now I want Remasters/ReReleases of:
      Pulusha: EP
      Reload: Archives EP
      NY Connection: Bless the Funk EP
      Secret Ingredients: New York and Chicago EPs
      Jedi's: Return of the Jedis EP
      Link & E621: Antacid EP
      Chameleon: Links EP (Technically not an EVO release but oh well)
      Complete Collections of their GC and Reload Remixes
      Pentamorous Metamorphosis
      Jedi's New School Science
      ok all of it
      I want all of their stuff ReMastered and Re-Released
      Is that too much to ask?
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