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Sticky Feet's Noodlings

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Hi everyone, after years of procrastination and a steady diet of musical consumption I've recently taken up music production in the last few months and feel that I've learned enough to start asking for some feedback and sharing my songs / noodlings with you all. I've got a few tracks I'm working on tidying up and putting the finishing touches on and I'll share those when they're ready, but I thought I'd use this thread to dump my noodles and musical experiments for some community feedback to help me hone my craft. So, please... tell me how you really feel 😂.

I've always been interested in modular synthesis, but I don't have a boatload of money and or a modular rig (although I am starting to accumulate a good amount of gear), so I opted to snag a copy of Ableton. I've been trying to treat it / use it in a similar manner to modular synthesis in that I'm trying to treat everything as a modulation source instead of thinking linearly. These are just a couple noodles I made over the weekend experimenting w/ single note midi input that evolves , recursive signal paths and shephard's tones. Enjoy, let me know how I can make it better!



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