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Does anyone have footage from We Love Space in 2011?

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I was wondering if anyone has footage of the 2011 We Love Space set. Would like to relive it a bit.. Very limited footage on Youtube. Is there another good place to look for set footage?

Thanks a bunch and sorry if this thread isn't enough substance

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^^2011 is holy grail-era for Aphex live sets. i started a similar thread last year and i have the ID for that one, but again not much of it on youtube. it'd be fantastic if there was a place to find all these sets.

a lot of the Analord/Tuss era live sets were taken down from youtube when Syro was released - including videos that were up to seven years old - because they were tagged by their copyright system. hopefully the many people who took those recordings will find a way to get them up again.

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Thanks for the response and information!


I feel the same way about 2011 being grail.. Really incredible sets with a unique point of view. His new sets are incredible but I think he's got some different ideas in mind. I remember being blown away and hypnotized all at the same time :))


edit: funny story - since the set was in Ibiza and I had never been to a club or seen Aphex before I was just hoping that he'd play some Acid! I feared he would just play Ibiza House like the other DJs. Foolish kid!

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