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Her Majesty's Coronber for Wirral


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Hi folks, just letting you know about a limited edition DVD we're putting out on Emotion Wave, Friday 4 May - it's a pretty dark new-age-therapy-gone-wrong concept.


On Tuesday 13th April 2004, a two-day international conference was hosted at Wirral's Insight Conference Centre for the Association of Transpersonal Psychologists and Naturopathic Therapists.

During a breakout session at approximately 2:56pm, conference delegates reported a brief power cut followed by what they described as an 'ear-piercing electrical buzzing noise’, followed by a crashing sound.

Part of the rear annex of the conference centre, where one of the breakout seminar rooms was located, had collapsed, causing injuries that initially were initially believed to be the cause of death of attendee Ariel Moonstone.

Initial examination of the body revealed burns consistent with those caused by lethal electric shock. Further investigations have revealed that death was cardiac arrest most likely caused by prolonged exposure to electrical current, though the source of this current has not yet been established.


A physical version is available in the form of a conference handout DVD, featuring videos of all the audio tracks and some extra bonus material. Each DVD comes with a printed conference schedule, conference delegate list plus the coroner's report, all packaged in an enveloped secured with the coroner's wax seal.





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1 hour ago, Soloman Tump said:

Nice concept, thanks for digging out these weird cases.  Just read about the previous release with the (not) drowning boy.  Good stuff.

Cheers mate, yeah I think the coroner will be making a few of the less clear-cut inquests available in future ?

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