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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20


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On 9/29/2020 at 1:09 PM, auxien said:

i guess sch.mefd 2 sucks, they should've just put out sch.mefd 1 instead, original is always better. :emotawesomepm9:


schmefd is the most evilist of tracks on this album. no wonder ppl be chickened out.

4 minutes ago, Draft78 said:

metaz form8 >>> 



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8 minutes ago, IOS said:

a fuckin time travel of an album

i always say if you want to see the future listen to quality music, especially autechre! the other day i was listening to beethoven's piano sonata no.29 4th movement and thinking, ''my god, we still haven't came to its time'', it was sooo obvious to me that at least 150-200 yrs lacks

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