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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20


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Thanks Beerwolf for pointing out this on Bleep.

I panic bought it on the webstore on CD, couldn't believe I could be so late to the party that it sold out already on vinyl.

Then ordered vinyl on Bleep...o well, CD is the best source I have anyway, think I'll have both.

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1 minute ago, kirm said:

Awesome news!! I know lots of people excited for a normal length album but i love the longer form Ae, kinda worried that am going to listen to this wishing every track was 20 mins long! 🤣  

I quite like the cover art, but not that keen on the title... but who cares, new Autechre!! Can't wait to hear it  


There is of course potential for the bleepstore to host long form versions of these tracks at a later date.

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1 hour ago, eclipsis said:

This might be the best artwork they had in years! Also shorter more focused album?!! How cool is that?

I hate the art but I am !hype for new ae


1 hour ago, gnarlybog said:

very excited... but the album art looks like its for a commercial mobile app or something 😬


or (ugh) a Plaid album

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