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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20


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Heeey! Fake track names are out!!!!!!

1. tty kekkekkek s

2. ch wt mm zerow

3. Joy jam jazZ

4. ree da All rule. 42

5. no no Shape

6. Art of hur Sch.p

7. rules qub (went) 

8. luSH rB

9. 3-568.was tho

10. Ymy 00popy.top 

11. music non-st Poop

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40 minutes ago, xox said:

If you’re referring to the Wagner’s book “Beethoven” in which he talks about Arthur Schopenhauer’s theories on aesthetics while offering some of his own, then yes!

TBH I didn't read any books by Wagner, but know that he was a great admirer of the aesthetic theories of Schopenhauer. Hence the association. 🙂

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