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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20

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alco review by alco:   this is the new "autechre" album by them, the brothers. it's called "sign" which is short for "signs." i believe this is an m night shaymalan (or whatever) reference a

the autechre brothers. "the signs" in 2020. october. i forget the date. i'm meeting up with them, the "boys" of autechre. sean, the one who thinks its sick to make beats super wacky is smoking a cigar

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2 minutes ago, Alcofribas said:

im gonna get married then get a divorce so i can have more time to spend listening to this album

Fucking lol

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this album is all about big wide open spaces, chorus fx, lush reverb, vast aquatic ambience ... interesting to listen to in the context of a pandemic lockdown.

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Was truly not expecting these types of feels on a new AE album. Incredible stuff even if I’m slightly disappointed in not as much fuckery going on

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2 minutes ago, sidewinder said:

Work has been SUPER busy lately. It's rare I get an hour of quiet where I can kind of ignore everyone. Today, I had two hours – one during which I walked my dog and made a salad, the next I was able to listen to SIGN with headphones and follow this thread. I'm lucky to have been able to do this.

this is the highlight of my year fuck work

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