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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20

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alco review by alco:   this is the new "autechre" album by them, the brothers. it's called "sign" which is short for "signs." i believe this is an m night shaymalan (or whatever) reference a

the autechre brothers. "the signs" in 2020. october. i forget the date. i'm meeting up with them, the "boys" of autechre. sean, the one who thinks its sick to make beats super wacky is smoking a cigar

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2 minutes ago, Adamovich said:

Ok so I missed a majority of an album, was it all BOCish nostalgia tracks or was it some variety of beats? I'm curious..

There were three tunes with consistent beats (1-5-7 or something), namely the first one was tight

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i gotta say was awesome. incredibly beautiful in places but also very interesting technically and really huge sounds. a few tracks with the lush pads stand out on first listen as instant classics. 

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1 minute ago, beNito said:

ok guys, who did a recording ? 

Need to go back to first track now 

same, rlly memorable track 

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That was good.  Some excellent work in there.  First track was probably the highlight for me.  Really big and weighty.  The first bubbly one too, was ace, especially when the bass came in.  There were two others in there that were fucking great too.   I'll figure out which ones they were later, so I am not just saying random words, then we can all froth other them together.

The synth tracks could have been phenomenal, but repeating the same notes over and over wasn't the one for me.  Other than that negative, I loved it.

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