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dgoHn - Monega EP [Analogical Force, September 29, 12" /Bandcamp]

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  • 2 weeks later...

Honestly breathless after hearing this EP. Fucking brilliant. 

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Damn this label rules. They also somehow end up getting the best tracks from folks. That dwallicht remix from the compilation is one of the nuttiest things I've ever heard, track of the year. This is sounding super fresh. I was into dgohn for a while, time to jump back in.

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18 minutes ago, andrd said:

This is out in full now, so everyone who isn't Stephg can finally listen to it

tinsle 💣💣💣

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      New RTR album incoming; bit more relaxed tunes this time it seems. (nevermind, side C  kicks in 😉 )
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      Its about time! This record needs to be in every collection, given how ludicrous the second hand prices have gotten it was only a matter of time. Keep eyes open over at AF bandcamp and social media, should be later this year(?) 😄
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      12" hand numbered silver vinyl.


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      Well this has just been announced as AF028LP. Any thoughts as to who this is? I reckon it sounds a bit like Guavid, who for my money had one of the best EPs on Anal Force.
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