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https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-n?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=edmsoundwave album edm-n&utm_source=album_release&utm_content=fanpub_fb

LA. Alternative Soundtrack to one of my favourite films of the 80's 
Uncompromising, Pacy, Gritty, beautiful, and with one of the greatest twists near the end that left a lot of people cold. And one of the best car chases put to film! Billy smashed it with this one.

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Well blow me down I was expecting the usual acid/drill peppered with some linn drums and fairlight orch stabs... But this turned out to be an incredibly faithful, straight ahead 80s action movie score. No tongue in cheek here.

Cause of this I can't imagine it having much replayability for me but he really nailed it as a genre exercise. Prob the weirdest release since French Police.

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