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LFO - LFO but without the L .. F .. O?


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So LFO by LFO, a Warp classic.

Is there a mix of this that gets rid of the voice saying "L ... F ... O"? Because in this day and age, that would improve the track immensely. Although I can see why they put it in originally.


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1 hour ago, ncrtx said:

Why would it "improve the track immensly" though?

The voice is a kindof nod to pop music and getting radio play, imho.

I was 16 years old when this track came out. It got played on Radio 1. You could go to Woolworths and buy the 7" single (which is precisely what I did at the time). It got to No 12 in the UK charts.

And thats all fine and dandy at the time.

But 30 years later I would prefer it without the voice. If you imagine it without the voice, its more abstract, just pure electronica

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Someone posted a site where you can do that, can't remember if it was a thread or a post in a thread... 

Edit: https://splitter.ai

The 5 stem model for example, can extract vocals, drums, piano, bass and other (guitar, synths, etc...), while the 2 stem model extracts the instrumental and the vocals.

Never tried it so have no idea if it works alright... 

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You’re old enough to know this is a thick as fuck position to fall into.

It was a commercial success because LFO were so damned good and, drum roll, acid house. At the time I never considered that a deliberate aim of LFO, more an accident of fate. Insinuating it was a pop nod is complete bollocks.

There could be what’s known as a dub of this track, sitting in a vault somewhere, but we’d have heard it by now. Maybe contact the artists with this question, come conundrum, and see what they think.

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On 9/5/2020 at 5:54 PM, President Squidward said:

if LFO was removed from the track LFO, would it be titled "The Track With No Name"?

ive been givin listens to a track with no name

it felt good to be without that name

in the watmm, you dont remember the name

cause we want pure abstract electronic or youll be gettin shamed

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