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https://autechre.wetransfer.com/downloads/060ed6ed78020802587bcef0306ca13220210102215750/403ba0 They posted a link to the Gescom set on their fb. 

all here  

Rob Hall's tracklists from AMKS sets  

Posted Images

Let’s goooooo

edit : bangers have being played 

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A few 




some unknown bits too 

One sounds like unreleased gescom to my ears 

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11 minutes ago, d-a-m-o said:

wait I missed it ? 

In an hour, frère







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Oops seems like I was in the wrong time zone !

well that is fine cause vlr is very, very good, his shit bangs !

like rob hall, gescom and ae friends always deliver thanks to them :catface:

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tuned in 5 mins late

17 minutes ago, nikisoko said:

Tell me someone is recording this

yeah someone is i checked the subreddit

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oh eh..... that vocal scratch....  same sample as in "the plc" (ae)

(was played few seconds)


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also that drum beat now (21h36)  sounds very similar to "V-proc"   -

  pretty shure i'm hearing the raw sample that they used to work on and get the v-proc beat

well maybe maybe not but anyway that gescom shit is dope !

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