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Knil G

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12 hours ago, swam said:

I've updated the AMKS.live.archive Youtube page with last nights transmission:



massive thanks for this. AMKS.live__07D__11M__20Y was fucking brilliant. almost every set in this series bangs hard....

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Skam delivering good rn. The livestreams are great. Now all they need to do is give us some new releases... One release a year surely can\t keep them running for very much longer.

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  • 4 weeks later...

WWW.AMKS.LIVE ________





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30 minutes ago, perunamuusi said:

Rob Hall's tracklists from AMKS sets





Oh man - so many great tracks by so many great artists. Nice to see he dug the new HIA too.

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On 2/8/2021 at 2:01 PM, t yst r said:

Did they ask you to change the name? Looks nice.

I saw a few people on the amks.live facebook chat asking for the AMKS guys to update with the new archive etc. So I wanted to make sure people knew this was unofficial so not to get them being hassled.

These AMKS transmissions are the best things for a damn while, so didn't want to piss them off.


Leisure Complex now updated with the latest AMKS.live transmission:


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listening to amks live since 90 mins. every tracks are great, and so does the mix.

anyone have a clue about where is the place in wich the current vids footage have been made ? (the achitectural thing around 21"15 PM  GMT)

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