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Boards of Canada's new banner for their Hell Interface youtube channel (Official)


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4 minutes ago, beerwolf said:

This image was also used in Bowie’s Blackstar booklet. 

Didn't boc actually say something when Bowie passed away?

Apparently David Bowie said that Black Star was inspired by Boards of Canada among other artists.

“When describing one of the first songs we recorded, ‘Somewhere’, David referenced the Boards Of Canada song ‘Alpha And Omega’ as an approach”.

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13 hours ago, Joyrex said:

Since Hell Interface are known for their remixes, maybe an album of works they’ve done remixes for?

Not a BOC fan, but damn I'd love to have a copy of their Midas Touch Remix. 

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2 minutes ago, zkom said:

Given that I've heard all the Hell Interface tracks (that I know of) I have no idea what a Hell Interface album would sound like.

Probably something like this 🎶🎵🔊🎶

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24 minutes ago, sheatheman said:

since boc make music for children, they should NOT have a banner that features nudity on it. very disappointed.

Well they make music that has the right to children, wich is actually pretty adult.

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Man, I just watched the video.


I was stranded in Barstow California for a month!  Ran out of gas in the Mojave desert 20 miles from town in the middle of the night,  back in '97. After hitching a ride into town with a trucker to the nearest gas station a woman at the cashiers desk lent me her car to fill my tank a bit to drive into Barstow. The Month Lady Diana died. I returned to the east coast after I sold my shitty car for a plane ticket home. That night I visited my friends and they were watching the news about the princess. 


Barstow is Hell!

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The last time the Hell Interface YouTube channel was active was during the beginning of the Tomorrow's Harvest ARG campaign that led up to Tomorrow's Harvest being announced...

and isn't Record Store Day happening soon (or happened)? That was the first indication that a new BOC record was coming...

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