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Boards of Canada's new banner for their Hell Interface youtube channel (Official)

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if you run some AI algorithms on that .wav image there is a secret message revealed  

Hmm Its a curious line of thought.. Im still stumped on how it relates (or if it relates at all) to the shenanigans that gave been going on in the Hell Interface fb though.. Just for posterity, t

analyzed the noise from that video and found these definitely totally spooky letters down at the lower frequencies.  *puts on twoism tinfoil hat*  

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Incel foru... I mean Twoism is still all over this. The last BOC-album was released after a mysterious and very BOC-like market campaign with unannounced vinyl release and codes, and whatnot. Why the fuck would they start a new circada-like marketing puzzle with a photosphopped bad teeth Whitney pic?

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if you ask me, there has never been a better time in history for BoC to cash in on the fact that they predated vaporwave by 20+ years. countless zoomers and audacity users could never, ever come close to this stuff:

they accomplish everything vaporwave music tries to do, and they do it 1000x better at that. personally i even prefer it to OPN's Eccojams, which is the only somewhat good vaporwave album.

can you imagine how awesome a full Hell Interface album could be? and they don't need to try too hard - even the recent Societas x Tape shows how casually they can hell-I-fy this orange drink commercial:

i really hope the brothers know their strength. they could absolutely devour the vaporwave scene, whenever they feel like it. and the music would be awesome

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Yeah I can't really get caught up in any of the "hype" until there's actually something concrete and official out there, but I can say I would 1000x over prefer a release of Old Tunes-esque samples/remixes over a new Geogaddi or Tomorrow's Harvest.

Fun BoC is best BoC.

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