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What to do about tt303 pots..

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Hey guys, does anyone know if theres a service (pref based in the UK) that could replace the pots on a tt303 v1 with something more sturdy.

I love the thing to the end of the world but the knobs arent quite the most confidence boosting. after a few years of pretty heavy studio use and planning on using it live, id love to feel a bit more secure on those knobs.

Appreciate any pointers, watmm.


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If the pots aren’t causing any trouble I’d wait having them replaced until they actually start crapping out. In my experience pot replacement can be quite expensive and even the most flimsy feeling pots can go ages before causing any issues. 

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The mk 1 has the same original pots as the TB-303 and they have the same issue - don’t push down on them when turning the knob as it can cut into the tracks causing a bad connection.

There is an updated version of the pot that can be fitted which eliminates the problem, so if you are getting them changed it might be worth using them.

There is more info about this on the Devilfish site - I know you are looking for UK and I couldn’t get further away suggesting a guy in Australia but might be worth checking the details if you want ‘sturdier’.

I’ve had my TT probably 8 years or so and it’s holding up fine. I use it a lot too so like user said, I would wait until an actual problem emerges before spending the money.

Maybe take a look at some of the modular forums as I think they have a section of people who will offer to build kits up for those who cannot solder.... maybe one of those people could help?

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