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Intergalactic Federation ( deep space network, Dr atmo ) - 1/2


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Great re-release of 2 albums that were released on Fax records in the early 90's. 


Slow shifting spacey ambient that unfolds with moments of low-key psychedelic background dub. Gradual patterns and pitter-patters of minimal downtempo of unclassifiable sounds emerge and gradually evolve as they slowly drift in/out of the ambient dubby soundscapes that also filter with earthly sounds with touches of acoustic instruments bringing an organic touch to the electronic composition - which itself has an organic floating feel in a spacey electronic way! Feels as if it was composed during a live jamming session during the early hours of the morning, while staring out to the stars after taking some LSD! A listening experience where the music will certainly filter into your subconscious mind while unknowingly oozing you into an engaging slow unfolding listen into hypnotic, hazey, spaced-out, trippy yet also a very unique deep engaging music that will immerse and intrigue you from beginning to end.

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Never heard it but bought the CD version without hearing any samples as it was selling rapidly. It better be good (the people involved and the reviews make me think that’s a safe bet)

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