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Mark Clifford (Seefeel) - Playback EP


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Seefeel founding member Mark Clifford releases an EP of scraping, singing guitar tone experiments today on ‘Playback EP’! Some fascinating textures and novel wrangling of harmonics for those who like to hear ostensibly familiar sounds from an oblique angle.

Buy/Stream here:


A video for the first track ‘Blue-Fi I:

“The basic tracks for ‘Playback’ were recorded 15 years ago during a four hour session at Playback Studios in Brighton, and with a resident engineer more accustomed to recording Eastern European orchestras than experimental guitar music. It was a time in my life when I needed to break some emotional glass and the intensity of the sound in the studio succeeded in doing that. Over the following weeks I played around with the stems at home largely using a GRM Tools plugin. The tracks were kind of shelved with the intention of eventually finishing them as an album but this was never fully realised.”


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Finally had a chance to listen to this today, really enjoyed it, even if it isn't a finished release. I'd have liked to have heard what this would have sounded like, if he had the chance to complete it. Regardless, fitting for the autumn. 


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