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more like Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven


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He has a lot of peers who have done synth music like him, especially in the DIY / cassette scene he came out of

Emeralds and subsequent solo projects (Steve Hauschildt, Mark McGuirre)

Pulse Emitter

Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Dolphins Into The Future


M. Geddes Gengras

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Claude Speeed (My Skeleton specifically)

R+7 at times reminds me of Fennesz' music 

Visible Cloaks

Also there's a lot of new age music - both major label and private press - from the 80s especially worth looking into. Laraaji, JD Emmanuel, Iasos. That kind of stuff is closer to 70s ambient, kosmische / German school, and experimental in sound despite the overt "new age" aesthetics. Poke around Sounds of The Dawn or Ultravillage's IG accounts. 0PN samples Mark Isham on this IIRC.

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Hmm not sure if this will be exactly what you're after but I would recommend:

Lorenzo Senni - Sacco Matto

Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation

... Because they are modern synthesiser albums, there's no real "percussion" involved, the sound design is energetic and complex (although Ecstatic Computation is a little more on the minimal/ambient side). 

But I wouldn't say they are super close to R+7.

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Berlin School mostly tends to refer to the late '70s and early '80s sound, thinking dark psychedelic analogue synth sequences and '80s film music, which is all a big influence on OPN's earlier work, particularly the stuff on Rifts. R+7 is largely FM synthesis and stock MIDI sounds so sounds much more like the late '80s. In terms of original stuff, I'd definitely recommend Tangerine Dream's Optical Race which, although more rhythmic, certainly uses a lot of similar sounds. James Ferraro's Far Side Virtual is modern album that uses similar textures.

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On 10/5/2020 at 3:43 PM, beerwolf said:

Zoolook by Jarre

(not as good as R Plus 7 but I think the influence is in there somewhere)

thanks! i'll check this one out. i grew up with oxygene around on repeat in the house, funnily enough, but never went beyond it

@purlieu@joshuatxuk exactly what i was looking for, thank you! i'm familiar with emeralds and steve hauschildt, which occasionally scratches the itch, but R+7 is just so unique. despite the obvious parallels with new age, kosmiche and berlin - even composers like reich/glass - for me it's almost nostalgic of something that doesn't exist. i guess that's what journalists meant when they called burial "hauntological..."

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The Legendary Green Wolf From Texas has hit the bullseye with an Exocet missile by saying Emeralds!

Playing Does It Look Like I'm Here? right now. Wow what a fantastic album (I'd forgotten about it tbh) And yes indeed R Plus Seven comes from a source similar to this. The same waters ripple, ebb and flow from here.

Top recommendation 🤝

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^ seconded. Emeralds are top notch and I too haven't listened to them in quite some time. gonna pull out does it look like I'm here and just to feel anything, thanks to this thread.

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On 10/7/2020 at 6:25 PM, malaria said:

Great album ^^^

Hoooooooooooooooly shit how the fuck have I not heard this before, this is fucking incredible. Thank you so much for fucking posting this. Seriously cannot get over how good this is, how is nobody talking about this?????

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:09 PM, realthanks said:

could i get some recommendations for more like this ridiculously good record? or music that it references? i'm at a bit of a loss

i see people recommend stuff like the german school, but i have no idea where i start



A very refreshing listen, very (and I mean very!) reminiscent of "In No Sense, Nonsense / In Visible Silence" era Art Of Noise. That's right, excellent stuff that's been done before, a few extra digital effects and maybe minus a 'single' but all-in-all very reminiscent of, or should I say remarkably similar to The Art Of Noise. If you like this check The Art Of Noise for very similar vibes! It's been done before but it's nice to hear this kind of music again.

--Some guy on Discogs

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Here's some OPN releases if you want more like r+7:


Comissions 1 straight up just sounds like b-sides from r+7. Music for reliquary house has alot of the same abstract sampling that was going on on r+7. The boiler room set has alot of unreleased r+7 tracks and really wild live versions.

Here's a few random songs aswell.


Need sounds pretty similar to cryo, and rush is literally just a cut track.
Lastly, if you already hadn't heard, r+7 has a bonus track.


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