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Charles Webster (feat. Ingrid Chavez & Burial) The Spell (Burial Mix)


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Out on Friday. I know, the 'Burial' sound is something everyone either likes or doesn't. Sometimes I think it's nothing more than some crackling effects and tape hiss but probably there is more to it than that.

Personally, I love the Burial mix on this. The other tracks are also good.


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Yo IDMassssive this is up on Spotify!

I'm at the halfway mark. It's nice. Sounds very much like the coming season of Autumn, Fall, Halloween. Abstract spirits floating near dusk.

I think perhaps Burial moved from the city to the countryside.

(the dub mix is also pretty cool)

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This is lovely! Only listened for the burial mix (which is awesome) but also really enjoying the other versions.

Don't really know Charles Webster but might have to check out more from him.

As for Burial, his mix has that magic for me but I'm just a sucker for his sound, nothing else hits me quite the same way, loved all his little recent bits, old tape and his luke slater love remix still get loads of plays from me.. but think the world needs a proper release from him  right about now! Not even that arsed by an album just another decent length ep would do, come on Will give up the goods you little tease!


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