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Roleplay - Super Deluxe Edition [EDM]

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there's another roleplay album out. jazz funk rock fusion? guitar, slap bass, drums, organ, vocals, synths. lol. it's good!


cool that he is exhibiting his dynamic compositional skills, like with his alternate soundtrack to an 80s crime movie. film producers would do well to pick him for a score.


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Not real into picking out end of year list faves TOP ALBUMS OF 2020 etc etc but the first Roleplay record would be very much at the top of any such list for me. Easily my fave Jodey in years.

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super deluxe edition is a weirdly good funk album. real guitar? it's like jodey's deftness with production brings something to it that you don't get with other funk

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And another!

Got to say I wasnt expecting so much jazz fusion from the lad but am enjoying it a lot.

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"Aquarius" is dope, the jazz-funk is strong with this one. 
Not sure about "Strange Pyramid", it's a little strange?

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just to document for the record, the joder is currently doing an album per month. and we are for it.

recent 2:



haven't dug in yet but hyped

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