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    A new edit i put together with audio Luke shared in a 2003 interview showing a collaboration he did with Richard.
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    just logging in to say resident advisor is a gaping pungent asshole masquerading as music press
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    too all who might remember my crappy post, which had the utter stupid misuse of the word 'rape' I'm deeply sorry for the melt down. my mental health is something I'm focused on repairing atm. sine.
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    come on you cunt let’s have some aphex ambience
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    Gary Glitter - I'm the Leader of the Gang Rolf Harris - Stairway to Heaven Michael Jackson - Workin' Day and Night
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    made this mid 90's, gabber + jungle comes close to breakcore innit?
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    Everything, let me repeat that, everything Weatherall has had a hand in is worth immersing yourself in. If you do that, you'll find undiluted gold. Easy being gushy or nostalgic but the bloke is an institution. If you broaden your perspective, he's up there with Martin Hannett & Richard H Kirk. If you lived in the grey world acid house emerged out of, Weatherall was like some surreal Balearic Berkshire prophet ushering in a new mindscape. Listen to "Bomba". Or dig through the orig Boy's Own zines, cos that's (mostly) his writing & his ideas throughout. The way it mixed music & football terrace micro-culture observations is enough to crucify...
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    Oh man I forgot Jesus is King and Hi Scores rerererererelease. Nevermind.
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    The design is gorgeous you lunatics!
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    he pissed on the shirt too
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    A few times ago, I picked all the cuts which for me are the best, and made a compilation. Here's the result: Anyway, this not includes any track from the album yet.
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    I’ve been a member here for 8 years but I don’t think I have ever truly known what a snare rush is. Cool so it’s that fast snare roll thing
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    Soon Aleksi's output will transition to an unending livestream as his consciousness fully merges with the colundi panmind. The Sequence will become a continuous function, revealed as rising subharmonics.
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    An old friend of a friend once produced a plastic bag filled with chicken after I offhandedly mentioned I was hungry while we were at a bar. You’re god damn right I ate some of that pocket chicken. Sometimes you just have to live life on the edge.
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    please post a video of you performing the melbourne shuffle
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    That looks more like the grope emoticon. This is exactly the sort of thing we need to apologize for! I didn't see the post, but you have my forgiveness. Sorry I missed it.
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    Stay Down and Tiny Reminders are beast fuck brilliant. Juicy treat for the braindance epicentre of you mind. Lap it up like a coyote that just found a cool water spring deep in the desert. I was a little bit disappointed that Two Lone Swordsmen were ignored by the Warp30 NTS broadcast also all their records could do with a remaster/repress by Warp. Yet nothing.
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    Gareth was gracious enough, not only to send me a complete unreleased album of his, but to allow me to share it to the public! You can stream Mountain Remains (2017) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1_R4Us3xw8&list=PLX95N9XKF7ao3YhrMLu5DQANjVDLxlNBi Download the full album: https://bit.ly/2ZrnvoU
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    Artwork for my most recent album
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    That beginning! Deep!
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    Interesting questions..... Distil an answer down to repeated attempts at creating a listening mode whereby experience & consciousness are shaped by a passage through the sounds you blend sequentially in a mix, whether that be an hour/90mins or up to 12+hrs. However, what it takes to achieve that varies massively from set to set. So many different artists offer so many different moods, but passing through the crucible of acid house personally enhanced my appreciation of what music can actually *do*. Also the diversity of music & culture on offer during that period was insanely broad - Soliloquy For Lilith hadn't been out too long, The Fall were still romping...
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    someone will bundle all the streaming services and reinvent cable
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    I feel the same way about Lone that I do about games like Celeste (Which I also absolutely adore). They both take familiar and comforting styles and recontextualize them for a modern audience in an incredibly masterful way. In both cases, on a surface level it appears to be from the 90's - the style matches very closely, but there's a certain level of polish and refinement that could only come from a genuine love and encyclopedic knowledge of the source material. It elevates the original ideas into something that would've been impossible at the time of their inception. In short, Lone clearly loves exactly the same sounds and textures...
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    Id be well happy to see HockeySmith and Aphex collab - live or record This is great:
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    really mainstream indie list with old guard idm thrown in
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    That and jpeg compression! Jah bless sine. Keep jammin like the 'chre 🅱️
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    Really creative track and a ton of good ideas. I dislike the clipping be it soft clipping and I dislike the harshness in the hats. you could tame the frequencies between 3kHz and 8kHz a bit more
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    Hey AroMor ! first of all I found the melodic lines of your tracks very cool ! I'm a drummer and I would suggest you to use more the velocity function of your DAW because some parts of your tracks don't feel natural at all while you use true drum samples. It sounds a bit odd. Try adding maybe some ghost notes. Hope my comments will help you ! - The Aux
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    i disagree with your premise that "If an event is easy to distort, then it isn't very important." a lot of things are important, like abusing and orphaning immigrant children blowing the potential of talks with north korea leaving the iran nuclear deal provocations destabilizing relations with iran starting a trade war multiple instances of obstruction of justice extorting ukrainian president to publicly announce investigations into biden by withholding us aid they needed to defend themselves from an ongoing active war with russia bribery self-enrichment abandoning our allies the kurds, resulting in assad recovering control of one third of syria not defending the US against ongoing russian attacks on our...
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    Honestly seems pretty arrogant that you trace your personal preferences to a higher level of experience and maturity.
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    Never imagined GWBush wouldn’t be the worst president in my lifetime. Can never sleep properly anymore wondering if Trump possibly isn’t either. It seemed unfathomable that W Bush would be unseated as king of suck. Just as it is now with Trump. But what about a DTrump Jr presidency? Sky’s the limit. Maybe even a Putin presidency if we’re not within one or similar currently.
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    Hi all. I have been without my PC for a couple or three weeks, and more importantly, without my beloved Reason. It's been.....shit. But on the bright side, not only do I have my PC again, I have bought a new keyboard - finally. I have been doing everything by programming or using the PC keyboard, now I can actually play parts...awesome. And I am working my way through the Piano Grades, so I can pick up that again - I'm so chuffed!! Anyway, just thought I would say a quick hello to y'all - hope everyone is well... David PS I have a problem I can't solve regarding my...
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    Social media Dj's getting eaten by social media is ok with me
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    thank you all for the kind words.
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    [email protected] Romney secretly following Seth Abramson with a fake account. and bonus Lol for Mulvaney saying at Fox Trump considers himself still being in the hospitality business (context: originally wanted to organize the G7 at some Trump resort). To which Wallace responded "He's the president of the United States". House of Cards is so boring compared to the reality...
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    Based on the recommendation in this thread, I've played through Hexcells trilogy (sublime and almost genius!). I've also been playing Shovel Knight (has an emergent depth, almost 4/5) and Untitled Goose Game (such a lovely game!).
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    Come to Dust is a masterpiece
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