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    Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also works in the NHS) has been evacuated to a hotel so she can continue to work. Means I spend the day pottering around in a dressing gown listening to zoviet france or the NTS sessions. I've felt much worse than this with flu before, but I'm aware it's only day 3...
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    toitoy provided full recording of the stream. Cheers to him. I just cut out the jam parts https://we.tl/t-GwBers9Fq0
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    Just spent a bunch of time in mixlr chat going "uuuuuugh wtf is this I KNOW THIS" Thought it was early mego or something Eventually realised it was my own album :^)
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    about Gescom idk if more gescom most of it (skul snap) was just cos mates were over and we'd do tracks with/for them but most of them have gear now and do trax anyway i do mean to do more stuff with daz at some point i enjoy working w/him - See rob hall much Sean? not seen rob for a bit -Sean what was the (I think) El-P instrumental you played yesterday evening with the Eno sample? Bugging the sh*t outta me - thought it was Atmosphere @tony yo, that el-p thing is a remix of ko-wreck technique tbh not seen rob b in person for months either but...
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    *opens autechre in soundforge - deletes all rob's parts*
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    I thought the same, so...
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    thank you for the concern. he is "stable" which means sedated and on a ventilator. The nurse said he is "not worse" than the last few days. they haven't had to increase the ventilator so we'll see. He's fighting it but they won't have a good sense of how he's doing until the end of this week.
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    mike judge tweeted this out
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    Landlord is going through the building saying that he won't evict if we get sick and can't go to work under the current circumstances. Thank. Fuck.
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    some details from the mixlr-chat that i haven‘t read here (found over at ILM, already a week old or so): Autechre : pretty sure warp are going to want to do a physical release so the date = ? but the stuff is done, by pure coincidence a few weeks ago, at the moment we're living with it and tidying up tiny things, but not touched it in 2 weeks so it's basically done rob and i were both thinking of bringing it sooner but idk need to talk to warp was orig planned for late this year/early hext also seven onesix recordings drop in less than a month ―...
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    Thanks guys. Finally I have achieved something and all it took was a global pandemic instigated quarantine and a 12hr Autechre DJ set.
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    cool, those seanrobpls threads seem to have paid off
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    Good news: Work has let me have six weeks paid vacation starting mid-April because all my rantings and ravings caused management to think I'm paranoid to the point of bordering psychosis :V
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    the milk n cereal post was me... I thought I'd change my username and do an impersonation for a laugh, but it turns out the 'fake' display name is actually indistinguishable from the real thing. And then I couldn't change it back lol Sean please unblock me from chat. Think of all the awful shit I could've posted but didn't!
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    Here's some unexpected news coming from FOX. The expression on her face... 😂
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    I work in cancer care, so wasn't treating covid-19 patients directly - but of course there was no testing being done at the time so I ended up treating a number of pts that have since tested positive. It's an unprecedented situation, although 2 weeks ago there were things we needed from the government: more tests, decent PPE, and a massive expansion of ICU beds. it's a shame they spent weeks faffing about with that herd immunity bollocks - at least they seem to be mobilising in the right direction now.
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    bro, teenagers on watmm shouldn’t be hanging out at all they should be sitting alone in their room listening to autechre with three pairs of headphones on
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    Here's almost 13 hours of yesterday's set. I started recording about 20-25 minutes into the cast. Managed to turn off Windows system sounds a couple of minutes into the recording... https://we.tl/t-moF6SYrQ6i
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    this is gonna have computers on it
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    Donald Trump has failed and must resign.
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    I just want to offer my sincere condolences to Richard for losing his dad. Aside of anything else he posted which you may or may not agree with, losing a family member is tough. My own father is going through a battle against lung cancer and can't imagine the pain of losing him, even though I know sooner or later I will have to face it. So, Richard hope you are okay and wish you all the best and thanks again for all your great music!
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    lol couldn't be more to the point
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    I have a unique pair of shoes for each room in my apartment. For traveling between rooms I use a replica of the indoor train set from Silver Spoons television shows from 1980s. whenever I leave the apartment I use disposable shoes which I throw away before crossing the threshold into my abode, domicile.
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    Thanks, dude. I’m doing ok. Still no breathing issues, which is the major thing of course. I developed what seems to be a secondary sinus infection (which kind of runs in the family after getting a virus like a cold or flu) and that makes it a bit hard to gauge whether the initial thing is gone or still kicking around. I have gunk running down my throat and making me cough and giving me a sinus headache. I got some antibiotics in the mail today from my healthcare provider, so hopefully that kicks in soon!
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    12 hours and 15 minutes of Yesterday's set: https://we.tl/t-o9pFdActDW - Missing first 2-3 minutes - Missing ~30 minutes between ~2h25m and ~2h55m
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    Arguing EXACTLY what kills people who have covid-19 is not entirely useful at the moment. The general progression is pretty well understood: Covid-19 damages lungs, both directly and leaving them more prone to follow-up bacterial infection. This in turn increases the likelihood of bilateral interstitial pneumonia, this is more likely to develop in older people or people with co-morbidities (especially lung or cardiac issues, also obesity) This cohort of patients are also less likely to be able to fight off pneumonia. Eventual result for the most unwell is unfortunately organ failure and death. At my hospital, the first fatalities are coming through, they have all had severe co-morbidities so far....
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    ^so that's how pepperonis are made
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    you see, when they looked at my results they simply said "ok look, we've constructed some answers, some scenarios and such that when responded to in a specific way a kind of intellect is indicated. an intelligence if you will. and we put a Q there to really drive home how serious this is. how...shall we say 'scientific.' we submitted this guy's results to sam harris. he was dumbstruck. he clicked 'forward this email' and typed in douglas murray's email address. murray concluded i was definitively caucasian. richard dawkins, upon examining the results decided this was proof of no god whatsoever. steven pinker? well he protested he had never really...
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    This is my friend’s stuff. He’s so god damn good and has finally started sharing his drawings and paintings on Instagram.
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