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    All the topics at the top of the forum are all started by joyrex, and it upsets me greatly
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    So recently I got a request from a user if there is a possibility to do a Kickstarter similar to the Caustic Window LP we did back in 2014 for Tom's "Methyl Orange" LP, a 2x12" whitelabel apparently only given to Richard, Chris Jeffs, GWC, and potentially a few other mates. Was destined for MEN Records (a Rephlex sublabel) back in 2003 but never saw the light of day. Wait - what? "Methyl Orange LP"? I'd never heard of it until now... So, a bit of Googling (you get a lot of science-y stuff if you just Google "Methyl Orange"), and I did find where I am assuming Tom played...
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    And the god damn opening track, pure magic.
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    The track DUAL SKY PEARLS featured in this month's broadcast from the very cool label, Conditional. Stoked to have had the track played among some great music. The Synalegg track at the very end is v nice.
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    I found a picture of my setup circa 1997, behold the masterful ergonomics If you're wondering where the chair is, there was none, I sat on the floor or stood. Yes , there's a Juno 106 and a DW-8000 in this picture as well.
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    i.e. posting pics of prolapsed anuses + black trans midget porn
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    jesus... =[ i apparently had a small out of body experience yesterday and found myself yelling at a smug mask-less 225+lb trucker looking dude in the grocery store (masks are legally required in public here). it was a friendly "pull your fucking mask up, jackass" but in retrospect i'm glad i didn't get beat down in the frozen pizza aisle. my 'rona fuse is getting shorter
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    My brain is wondering why there's people/bots/hybrids pressing LIKE at virtually every posting here at WATMM. Or every posting in the Now Playing thread. Why. I cannot live without an answer.
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    Yo dude what you said is white people commit less violent crime. You didn’t mention anything about proportions. It’s fine to talk about in those terms, but then it’s also fair to mention the proportionate response (or disproportionate in this case). Your very own links show black people being killed at a disproportionate rate by police. And the whole “black people are killing each other at alarming rates” is such a straw man. How about looking at the underlying structural issues that turn black neighborhoods into ghettos, or that put black people into societal situations where addiction and crime are sometimes all that’s left. I’m not saying African-Americans don’t have...
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    A Very American Suicide (Still Drinking)
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    Got screamed at by a customer today over our covid policies. We require masks, and explain the safety measures as people enter. I didn't greet this dude, but from what I saw, he refused to wear a mask, called my coworker Rachel a bitch, gave a bunch of very loud fuck-yous to the 3 other staff members, myself included, and that was right as I walked up, lol. I wasn't having it and told him to get in his car and leave ASAP. Our property, our rules. "I don't give a fuck that it's your property!" blah blah. The entire store crew was shouting this idiot down at this point....
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    i've moved, so all my stuff including gear has been packed up for a bit. currently getting settled & hooking everything up again so will be working on it again soon. when i left off it was about 80% done.
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    "Today in IDM enforcement news BT was choked into unconsciousness at a stutter edits matter protest. A video posted on line shows the electronic music pioneer exclaiming to IDM police "don't you know who i am? i invented the stutter edit! squabble beats is my signature! i wrote 40 pages of code for it when i produced NSYNC!" - we now go to Tom Jenkinson for comment... "FUCK OFF" oh sorry about that.. it appears Tom Jenkinson doesn't want to be bothered with any of this and is totally unaware of the universe in which IDM police exist and thinks you're all idiots rotting your brains with meaningless crap".
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    When I was a kid I used to beat the shit out of them with a hammer to simulate them being in accident.
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    https://displaycopy.bandcamp.com/album/astronomical-objects I wrote the album mainly in the first month of lockdown, decided to re-launch my label and this is the first release since 2013. During the making I’d been listening to a lot of jungle, stuff like Photek… however it didn’t seem to make sense to make tracks with drums but I like the idea of still using that low end sub and adopt those techniques to beatless tracks,“Canopus” being the most obvious example. The record also features a sublime rework of Arcturus by Mark Warren (Atom Earth Mother / Zoviet France) which takes the original version into deeper waters. I also managed to work with an old friend...
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    To quote the ancient Asian philosophers:
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    posted this in the BLM thread but here too i guess.
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