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    c Foot fetish dude cums on sexy feet of stunning leggy babe Anya Olsen 1 year ago 07:00 AnySex feet, thong; Zaisa Shine gaping pussy fist fucked Yesterday 07:38 TXXX feet, anal, u t saw the fight in the d2courtyard, the man ab out to be shredded. It felt the warmth of Daisy'ss wrist as she was dragge d along a saucer corridor struggsasling; the delight of the Qubeen as she enjoyed the buxom Candy's performance. The arousal of that human man plugged into their ship, the sparks from a fuse box as a colleague hastily prepared a small part of the craft for take off.m Vicious fetish porn touches...
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    I don't know about the best releaes but the ones I keep listening to repeatedly.. it's subjective anyway innit. In a kind of semi-timewise order: Shit tons of Autechre (Move of Ten, Oversteps, Exai, AE_LIVE, Elseqs, NTS) (Oh man this was a good decade to be an Ae fanboy) Seesaw - Poetry Seefeel - Seefeel Konx-om-Pax - Regional Surrealism Dead Can Dance - Anastasis & Dionysus The Gaslamp Killer - Breakthrough & Instrumentalepathy NHK'Koyxen - Dance Classics vols I - III Lotide - Moonless Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest Phono Ghosts - Chrome Position 36 - Dream Tempest Biosphere - Patashnik 2, Shenzhou reissue, Senja Recordings Earth - Primitive...
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    Nice stuff, lovely artwork. It is a bit like Christian rave music though. Happy clappy halleluiah. Cream teas and scones. Definitely needs a pinch of Satan in the mix, give it a bit more (cloven) hoof!
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    If I ever saw Mickey Finn in a line-up, had to have a nose round said hardcore tent/room, for the casualties, the 10 e’s crew, climbing the walls, sun hats, the stray wanderers, shenanigans in dark recesses, the lost, the found & the holy mc rollers, MickeyFinnMickeyFinnMickeyFinn
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    So here is my remix of Come Together, by The Beatles. I was well aware that I was treading on sacred ground, so I have tried to keep the feel of the track. That bass line took me hours, with all the slides and wot not. Apart from the vocals, I play everything else..... Hope you enjoy!! Come_Together.mp3
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    he's practically a work of fiction. designed in a writer's mind. his arms are the thing that get me.. the way he just lumbers and hangs like some kind of upright slug with arms and hair.
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    You are forgiven. Or you arent't, if you prefer.
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    we all like what we like. i think the valhalla verbs are great.. i use all of them. his delay is one of my favorite things. it's just amazing and so good for everyday delay stuff but for sound design weirdness it's exceptional and it even makes some nice reverbs.. plus.. for $50 they far exceed their asking price. the talk i posted is pretty good all around reverb info.he gives lot's of thoughts and opinions on many other verbs and verb types as well as why he made the choices he did in his reverbs. ubermod and shimmer and the valhalla spacemodulator freebie are tops.
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    Future classic for me personally based on the stream. I know it's "limited palette" and a bit simple but goddamn is it effective for me.
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    I think I would happily pay for more in this vein. Do you have any other work like this on bandcamp or such?
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    Yes ! Really happy to have met you and your girl Ivan ! Pretty sure Richard has read your no stillson request on his bleepstore ! same thing for stock and his girl , hope she enjoyed the show couldn’t make it to the watmm post rave meeting, everyone was pretty tired of course. Anyway pretty sure we’ll meet again ! the show was beyond violent, fucking enjoyed it ! (That final track FFS ) Also, that frenchy aphex faces bits Flol ! Epic.
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    it's like that time they detonated an atomic bomb in the sea and thought it might cause a chain reaction and destroy the world but they did it anyway. 🍔
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    I Remember^ I'm kidding Soundlab20 get in my face and ears just let me pay for hq goodness
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    for some reason i felt very empty when xyz just ended without john peels voice coming in 'excellent, very nice' that track.. ill continue to listen to both versions (the rip and the new official version) because the rip is so special
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    Dare I say the content lives up to the title. Definitely enjoying the majority of it, digging the sounds on "FM jungle breaks" and "quality content". "Bass lines" isn't doing it for me, but I'm about to listen from the start again. Nice work.
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    RE: track list for the set. reddit people created a database for the setlists of live shows, also including Printworks. So use it while waiting for the official one. Just scroll right: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HWRcyDNaUFOvzeD_NwMO-vAofYBgSxPcWtGVdkBC1aI/edit#gid=0 Loved the set btw! The bass line in the first track reminded me of that unreleased saw track from field day.
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    modular synth spotted. btw, whos the girl next to rdj?
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    Definitely on a deeper tip, no braindance here. Some deep-ish house and dubby techno, some breaky electro-ish, some downtempo... all sounds pretty great to me. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/priori-on-a-nimbus/743710-01/
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    Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra?
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    The mainstream media still hasn't shifted from this model, nor have many Dem strategists or centrist liberals and conservatives. This thread is one thing, it's cathartic and archival, but it is depressing how much entities like CNN, MSNBC, the network channels, and even NPR still superficially focus on his loud, outrageous yet ultimately trivial bullshit at the expense of hammering daily the sheer substantive corruption and abuse he and his cronies engage in. Even when they do lay into his actual crimes they get suckered into superficial and misleading avenues. I will fully admit I was way too optimistic and sucked into the Russian collusion angle being the be all...
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    Brujo “From the Archives vol.2” lovely track
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    question. if bert and ernie had a love child, would it be called bernie?
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    awesome decade of music:) caustic window - caustic window - 2014 aphex twin - syro - 2014 aphex twin - computer controlled acoustic instruments pt2 - 2015 user18081971 - soundcloud dump - 2015 aphex twin - marchromt30a edit 2b 96 - 2015 afx - orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 - 2015 aphex twin - cheetah - 2016 afx - orphans - 2017 afx - london 03.06.17 [field day] - 2017 afx - korg trax + tunings for falling asleep - 2017 afx - houston, tx 12.17.16 [day for night] - 2019 aphex twin - collapse - 2018
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    Agreed. I listen to any section of NTS and consider it some of AE's best work.... and then....- THEN -....I throw any part of elseq on and.... every single part of my little pleb mind is completely ripped apart and pieced back together by the otherworldly sounds coming through my never-going-to-be-good-enough-to-fully-present-the-artist's-vision-speakers and I melt into the floor until the only sound I can hear is the low-level hum coming through said speakers after foobar has no more data to read and I open my eyes only to realize that hours have passed and I'm just a lowly mass of worthless cells held together my electromagnetism and clinging to this spinning...
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    One of the collab drawings I did with another illustrator was featured on one of those pages with 20k+ followers, which was nice Kinda nsfw
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    Weird how I keep reading reviews saying how overcomplicated and difficult these tunes are to get into. On the contrary I think these have been easy peasy to get into. Granted 10 minute plus tracks do not phase me at all, and my Sonic Magic Eye is battle hardened from listening and deciphering AE albums, Fear Inoculum was about as easy to get into as Abbey Road. Obviously these reviewers are pussycats! The hate from Pitchfork seems really childish. I don't know anything about all those things they criticize the band for, I've never looked further than the music, all that extra curricular nonsense doesn't interest me. I guess Ignorance...
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    bleurgh. fuck this. i still love her first album to death. everything else she did is trash.
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    Oren Ambarchi remains one of my faves: As does stabilo (speakergainteardrop) https://stabilo-loadbang.bandcamp.com/track/drawing-drone-three (as an example - he has a massive discog) Also, how the fuck do you embed a bandcamp track on here? The bandcamp link thingy is useless.
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    why wouldn't they have stuff like this? the B2 Stealth bomber was developed in the 1970s... imagine what it has evolved into by now - something very similar to this TELOS craft I'd wager.
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    The undisputed Queen of Drone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwHIsZKrZhM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKrZdvqzAEc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLYJWFQbNKo
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    The watmm rainforest is burning while the IDM ozone layer deteriorates. And at the same time, polka jazz trapcore is flooding music media. It’s our time to rise up and take back what is rightfully ours. If this climate change shit fucks with my coffee bean supply, heads will roll. IDM health reflects planetary health.
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    But when's the next one coming out?
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    Like Luuke? lol https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Luuke_Skywalker By the way, why hasn't anyone inserted Hohass into the background in any of the new movies? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Hohass_Ekwesh
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    The black one.. I would have rather got the white version, but I can't be bothered waiting lol haha! I pretty much only order from Australian retailers, apart from a few Eurorack kits I've put together recently. When you start adding GST and ridiculous postage costs, it really doesn't make sense to order from overseas anymore. I used to order from the ms_tokyo ebay store quite often but their prices aren't that great anymore, especially when combined with postage.
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    The poster looks fantastic framed. Nice memento along with having all the shows backed up.
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    My record came today, had a quick skip through of the tracks from SC, the Orphans tunes are all the same versions from a brief skip through, no drums etc on Atlantis New tune sounds amazing on vinyl, record sounds fantastic, really nicely pressed
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    ^^^ Yes! And B12! (autocreation and blue binary remixes also sit well)
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    here we fucking go again
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    that festival sounds like my personal, private nightmare edit: also found this gem from a hit or miss round-up: lol
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