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  • Our picks

    • Beck asked RDJ to produce an album for him in 1998
      Knew of the "Richard's Haircut" remix and all, but this tidbit was news to me:



      RDJ certainly was hit up often for remixes and collaborations, can't help but wonder if that's partly why he ramped up his eccentric reputation in interviews.
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    • Be Up A Hello [NEW ALBUM - 2020]
      I will update the thread once the pre-orders go live with the links to them.

      Source: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081KRTJCH/ref=sr_1_24?qid=1574193944&refinements=p_32%3ASquarepusher&s=music&sr=1-24

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    • Plaid featured in this month's issue of Computer Music Magazine! (Plus NEW EP!!)
      I've been meaning to make a topic to let all you British folks know that Plaid is featured on this month's issue (December 2019) of Computer Music magazine! I saw they retweeted the news on Twitter and scrambled to an ol British Newsstand website I used to buy the sadly defunct SpongeBob Magazine years back, Newsstand.co.uk. Very useful site if you're not living in the U.K and interested in seeing Plaid talk for a bit and show how they make Los with specific software, among a couple other features.

      The magazine also shows a link to an awesome video with making Los too if you can't buy the magazine.


      My copy came today and I peeked a bit through it. Will give it a full read later but I saw some news that caught my eye. Ed mentions a NEW EP coming by the end of November or so!!! I'm fuckin hyped, not only do we get Peel Session 2 but this too! Andy mentions it being "more pure dancey material".

      I wish I can scan the 12-page feature but I sadly don't own a scanner and taking pictures on my sister's phones will take ages. XP
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    • Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert video edit
      A new edit i put together with audio Luke shared in a 2003 interview showing a collaboration he did with Richard.
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    • Caustic Window - Compilation / CAT 009 CD
      OK gang - what do we have here. Well we have the CW compilation CD filed under CAT 009 CD. AB3 (CAT 008) was released in 1993 but this one came out in 1998. They must have decided early on that there would be a compilation put out to collect those early CW 12"s. Those were some of the first Rephlex records out there and correct me if I'm wrong, but are Pop Corn and R2D2 the only tracks not included on this comp? They are good tracks and it's too bad they're not on here however I happen to love this CD. This compilation was also repressed as 3x12s" in 98 as well (although that one is missing the humanoid must not escape" -- tragic)

      what to say. I love all these tracks. Another excellent showcase of early RDJ at his esoteric best. Tracks go all over the place stylistically but each one is so easily identifiable as an RDJ product. As far as early "compilations" go, I prefer this one to "Classics" - Cordialatron, Italic Eyeball, Astroblaster, On The Romance Tip and Humanoid Must Not Escape are so excellent. I don't know if these are as "club-ready" as Digeridoo or even Tamphex. Maybe this release sits between SOSW and Classics on headphone <--> dancefloor spectrum.

      Won't say much more because we all know and love this one, and I wanna keep going to more "obscure" Rephlex releases. This one has even been reissued more than once!

      In short.... It's great. 4/5.

      Up next.... CAT 010 CD / Mike Dred The Kosmic Kommando - Freaquenseize 
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