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  2. so you're telling me that imagination and skill are both helpful? not sure i can believe this just seems so unintuitive i'm gonna need to see some sources
  3. I love this track and the other two “transmissions” - next level bangers, and they work so well within the “narrative” of the album, but they are so jarring against the sound of the rest of the album if you wanna just play it on random.
  4. Great, I really enjoy(ed) the first album, looking forward to this one!
  5. Vinyls arriving. Finally. Noctis (91 Mix) IS actually a different version. The unnamed mix of it is the same as the “epic mix” on the digitals (unnamed mix on the cd) (a “beat mix” apparently either doesn’t exist or is as yet unreleased.) Beyond the Milky Way, on the vinyl, is the edit, same as on the cd… a lot of the track lengths, as per the album art are incorrect… am I missing anything? !K7 dropped the ball on this pretty hard, regarding liner notes/descriptions of product on their bandcamp etc. (also the “V Mix” of Last Rains” is the same as the undesignated mix…)
  6. I've been saying for years that it kinda reminds me of today's '4real' punk scenes, like the camden punk bands. About 100 bands all making 5 albums a year of identikit tracks. Constrained by the narrow parameters within which you will only be taken seriously by the 'scene'. Creatively, it is salted earth.
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  8. Tired of my goddamn AirPods dying on me overnight or mid-walk due to lack of proper low-battery signaling. They can be totally fine one day, sit overnight and be completely drained by morning when I'm walking the dog trying to listen to some tunes. Problem is, I learned a while back, that the pods and case drain each other when not in use. So if they're a little low, but the case is also low, the case will steal all the juice from the pods. Kind of fucked up, and they really need a better way to tell you they're low. I'm not trying to check the on-screen power levels...
  9. parts of the right have tried rewriting jesus for a long time.. making him a warrior who made his enemy's blood boil with his intense eyes.. shit like that. it's all garbage. everything is garbage.
  10. A brief diversion for a re-release... Mental Cube - Mental Cube And then the Controlled Vista trilogy. FSOLDigital Presents A Controlled Vista A Controlled Vista 2.7 MiniPack 1 A Controlled Vista 5.6 MiniPack 2 Having already dismantled the idea of doing conventional album releases with the Environments, Archives, Calendar Albums and re-recordings, FSOL decide to go a step further and start creating ISDN transmission-style mixes of new tracks and releasing them as single files. Are they mixes? Albums? Compilations? Who knows. I've approached them in the way I have the transmissions, though.
  11. This would very much be within my sphere of knowledge. Here are a few modern ones: Conjoint – Earprints Jackson Conti – Sujinho Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek – 1+3+1 Fixity – The Things In The Room Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Calibration More images Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet – The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange and a classic Dutch one from 1974: Jasper Van't Hof – The Selfkicker
  12. big T and jesus were a lot more similar than you originally thought (kinda like the same person tbh)
  13. wow that sucks. so random but that shit happens all the time on the mtn during ski season. have seen many people collide and go away grumpy. must've been really hauling ass or hit just right. btw the trailer for that new series he's in looks crazy.
  14. For people in the UK, it's the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on the 28-30 of this month: https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/activities/birdwatch/
  15. He's never been one to pigeonhole himself, the drill n bass of the first few albums, then the complete 180° turn into lo fi folk music then back. The new material (inc. Bananas ep) seems harder to pin down, like he's still trying to settle on a new voice. Better sound design and still a bit of that childlike weirdness in there, but a little blander. But then I remember feeling slightly disappointed at the time with 'Alright!' After waiting 5 years thinking he was going to be producing some epic a la Drukqs or Ultravisitor, and finding it a little too dumb for my tastes with its constant 4/4...
  16. Oh, I know. My friend is working for a nautical producer that decided a couple of years ago to redesign their entire product portfolio, for which he invited me along, but I reluctantly declined. Basically a project that will be going on for the next several years. Apart from a model or two that have electrical propulsion and recycled materials, there's very little consideration for environment in this. As you go up the price range, materials become more expensive and "luxurious", as you said, teak wood for entire decks (some have multi-level decks), bridges, interiors, etc. One-piece plastic hulls, "performance" models with high-power engines that consume enormous amounts of fuel....
  17. Gaspard Ulliel 🥺 He died after a ski accident. Only 37 years old... https://variety.com/2022/film/news/gaspard-ulliel-dead-moon-knight-marvel-1235157242/
  18. Extremely bland and incredibly boring. This album sounds like a bad parody of Bonobo, and I didn't think he was any good to begin with. There is literally no originality to this. It's fucken star bucks music or music for cringe tiktokers that think they know good electronic music.
  19. The new Timothy Hecker is finally released on vinyl/cd. https://www.invada.co.uk/collections/north-water?mc_cid=af565fb2fe&mc_eid=3af1dd8ae3
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