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  2. case closed, the entire website can be shut down now
  3. you can do this for anyone very easily using existing tools out there, just collect a text corpus and you're set
  4. Listening to this now and I think this might be the best Orb track ever and if anyone disagrees I’ll battle you at the earth’s core. Holy shit, this track.
  5. You fail to realize how the economic freedom to the individual provided by Bitcoin, and the enhanced social ability provided by 24/7 connectivity, will allow workers to unionize and enact the communist revolution more effectively, permanently placing the means of production in the hands of the masses rather than the hands of the current horrible fucks
  6. Nothing wrong with sounding Amish or rather Neo-Luddist, it's a perfectly valid position that I give a lot of credence to. I'm trying to be optimistic in this thread and of course there is a downside. But with OpenAI gaining steam there is hope for the future, even if it's not perfectly Stallman-esque, and since Elon seems to genuinely care about the future of humanity rather than just making profit, there's hope that he can be convinced to go open source
  7. ^perhaps correct. but solely for the sake of discussion, i'll explain how i imagine it could be helpful: (just to continue using this example, not to single out any label or artist in particular...) i'd say dozens of AF threads is perhaps worthy of at least consideration for a subforum. benefits of this would include easy cross-population of similar artists obviously...but also having a 'place' like a subforum is, imo, good for reminding of older releases to help continue discussion... specific example: no one is going to be 90 pages deep on the new releases subf and stumble across the Shinra - Meteor EP thread. it was last bumped in May of 2017, exactly 3 days after its release in fact according to the Bandcamp page. yet for the preceding month (announcement up to release i assume) it got a fair amount of attention, and nothing but praise from what i'm glancing at. then, it disappeared into page 2 then 3 then 10 then 50 of New Releases. unless someone is listening to that EP and searches for it and goes and bumps the thread, it's likely 'forgotten' (as far as its existence on WATMM is concerned). if it was instead one of 2 or 3 dozen AF threads in the AF subf then it's /much/ more likely someone's going to stumble across the thread and be reminded of it, want to pan it or praise it, maybe they'll be seeing it for the first time, whatever....which is the whole general point of a forum if i'm not mistaken :) but of course this is an idealized/imagined view. idk if it would actually work, hence the 'just try it and see if it works maybe?' overall push. further, i'd counter your argument with why the fuck is there a µ-Ziq subforum when, from what i just glanced at, there's been exactly 4 posts in exactly 1 thread in the past 10 months. not saying get rid of the subf for him altogether or whatever but simply: would WATMM be more active with an AF subforum or a µ-Ziq subforum? luckily we don't have to choose either/or, of course... just sorta, i guess, weighing things in my mind? maybe the tagging system is supposed to help with some of this, but is anyone really digging around on watmm threads using tags? idk, i'd say not likely. and i'm surely not suggesting everything needs a subforum or featured time or anything....mostly just saying that seems the easiest way to implement some things that might help change the dynamics a little. maybe it wouldn't do shit. maybe it'll just piss off all the old cunts milling about and make them leave (pls). maybe it'll mean one less inane aphex thread (srsly pls).
  8. I know he did a colab years ago with russell haswell maybe that’s finally going to see the light, hope it’s not that though but something more interesting.
  9. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that only men use the internet.
  10. Today
  11. agree, have no idea if this thread is meant to be serious or not.
  12. I am of the view that creating subforums is not a reasonable way to grow content. Surely the subforums should be developed as a mechanism to house overgrown content that has demonstrated a need for its own place on the forum, not a guiding force for what we should be talking about. If we had multiple threads for every AF release, discussion around AF aesthetics, wants and wishes for future AF releases, questions around what the AF guy ate for breakfast... then at that point a subforum should be developed. WATMM is dying subforum when?
  13. That's some story. https://bleep.com/release/132538-uforider-ufotrackx-i
  14. Orbital want to collab with her!
  15. I think most people are just confused about the actual intent of this thread (myself included). Reads as pisstake-y, but perhaps isn't. More context is needed.
  16. I take issue w this whole paragraph as it reinforces a p shitty stereotype, that's my whole problem.. I have no idea if you're being honest about missgendering being a problem for you, but if it is you should b able to see how this can be seen as an insult towards people who feel missgendered rather than a way to empathize or whatever I linked to the transgender thread because this discussion probs belongs there...
  17. It's been a while so decided to let this one go into the wild~
  18. A couple posts after this I expanded partly on this idea (as i know you actually have a life unlike, ahem, some of the rest us). A trusted couple of mods who spared a few extra minutes every couple months, as a filter for the larger community, to implement different featured artist or label sections. Either permanent or temporary, depending on what felt right/worked. Wouldn't have to be anything more than a sidebar with FEATURED LABEL OF AUGUST: SHITFUCKER RECORDS! with a link to the most recent thread or two that's part of this (again, permanent or temporary) subforum. I'm not trying to overestimate the ease, but I'd imagine creating a new subforum under New & Upcoming Releases for labels (or under Featured Artists, wherever) wouldn't be much more difficult than deciding on a name and telling the main forum where that content lives, yeah? You've been experimenting with sidebars so i'd guess that aspect would be easy. Idk, just trying to be proactive i guess. Featured artists subs are pretty dead besides AE/AFX. Just start including others. If someone pulls a Vsnares and gets their panties in a wad at 'being featured on this forum' then fuck 'em, take the subf down. easy. Otherwise, try some shit out. Legowelt subforum when? hell, start a Tycho subforum if you really want, idc. Why not an Analogic Force or CPU records subforum? These labels are generally hot and having dedicated areas to coordinate their releases would be great for their fans (re: the users here!) But ultimately letting a few trusted community members (i'd be worried about Featured Label decisions by polls/committee but maybe that would be fairest? idk) put in some effort with a couple mods to filter things out, you don't have to do much of anything at all Joyrex, or am i wrong? as long as it doesn't get out of hand with like 30 featured artists or a featured label subforum with zero interest, it COULD bring some freshness. but.... ultimately what i'm getting at is try a little something. doesn't have to be big or grand or whatever, or even any ideas i'm talking about. the new forum upgrade has been generally good and positive and we know you've talked about a BIG watmm 2.0 or something with lots of stuff but honestly that's been hinted at for years, and requires a lot of work on the back end i'd imagine and just doesn't seem very likely to actually happen. in the meantime at least just go where the community is going, gotta fight that staleness that feels present even with the new forum upgrade: the content is essentially the exact same (which is fine and great but it's not growing is my point). also, regarding other comments: it's still VERY much a boy's club here which i know you or anyone alone can't fix, but i think having the forum content stay fresh and diverse and interesting will hopefully attract a more diverse crowd and (i think i speak for almost everyone except the old wretched cunts here): a diverse crowd of people sharing music is a great thing for everyone involved.
  19. Misgendering needs its own supervillain.
  20. Yesterday
  21. A Duck in a Tree 2013-01-19 | Visibly Naked to the Eye Jan 22nd, 2013 by zovietfrance The 28th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm. First broadcast 19 January 2013. Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work. track list 01 Anton Mobin - Tout seul 02 Birds of Tin - Available Light [extract] 03 Atom Earth Mother - Womb 04 Mimetic X - untitled [‘One More Than Nine’ track 4] 05 Strom Noir - Sundance 06 Yann Novak - Silent.Loop.001 07 P.Fish Mani - Cloud 10 08 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Autoclave Sterilisers 09 Heimir Björgúlfsson - untitled [‘The Opposite’ track 3] 10 Jega - Binary Space 11 Nik Hummer and Gammon - untitled [‘Thilges Trautonium’ track 5] 12 Speedranch^Jansky Noise - Amen! A Neat, Joint, Anal Phase 13 William Basinski - Melancholia 10 14 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Moorland Adjustment link direct link
  22. okay so it is clear you don't understand hyperbole (sorry i got your hopes up about murdering someone for misgendering me) but the true message is in there. misgendering is a massive problem (to me) and it needs to be in check and there is no place for it here or anywhere else. your attitude about it sort of says to me like you're against the idea that people are able to choose and expect to be called by their pronoun(s) of choice. i think you need to pick up a book or two about non-conforming gender theory and come back when you've smartened up a bit. namaste.
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