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  2. Never heard of this genre before until random video popped up on YT recs. Way off my radar. Is this pop music now? I'm not even really hating on it. Other than Sophie I've never heard of any of these acts. I figured Sophie was kinda leftfield but apparently she's done production for big name pop stars and brands. I feel old and out of touch lol
  3. The trumpet is such a fantastic instrument. I want to try a rotary valve one and add a Harmon or Balu mute but there just are no beginner versions, so I guess I'll be heading into a piston one some day. I made a bid on a Korg M1r earlier this year and instead got an offer on a Proteus 1, but it just struck me as too much of a preset machine.
  4. Thank you. Making this kind of stuff is half an exercise in trying to impress the watmm demographic. It’s very unnatural for me to make and is very far from what I normally do. Fun though. A lot different from the post-grunge 90s alternative I’m currently making in earnest
  5. Yeah I got a trumpet 2 years ago and it’s been fun. Definitely the most physical instrument I’ve ever played. i have been wanting a jv1080 for a long time. But I would equally want an emu proteus. Ideally both.
  6. DJ TOAOAOAOAOAOAOAD (Edit: jk that one's taken)
  7. Bought a JV-1080 after long consideration. Price wasn't the best as all the genius domestic sellers are starting to use Reverb as a yardstick... but good condition & a seller with synth packaging experience is more important than counting marbles. There's been other candidates, Wavestation A/D and D-550 among others, but they just don't seem to have the versatility. I've all but given up on poly analogs, none of the interesting modules are available, I should probably just save up.... I've also wanted to start with wind instruments since forever and a cheapo tenor recorder from Thoman
  8. I just moved into a new apartment, and still getting set up, but it's mostly there. Pretty excited to get to work on some new stuff. I had all of my gear out at my last place, but I'm trying to take a simpler approach and just lay out the stuff I use the most.
  9. My next album is out now. Neon City features tracks from the same album session of 'Ghost Cities'. Thanks to all those who have supported me so far. I really appreciate it! https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/album/neon-city
  10. Anyone have thoughts on Hades? Bastion was a lot of fun and I hear this one is good. Hopefully it comes to xbox marketplace as my computer probably won't run it.
  11. What’s a good midi knobs controller? I’ve used the midi fighter twister for years and it’s pretty good in most ways, but it has its glitches, and today it won’t work at all. I’ve had problems with it before where I have to reinstall firmware, but this one seems worse. anyways, I would get a faderfox but they are hard to find and usually cost $400+
  12. countdown to dehydration caffeine headache...
  13. Today
  14. All I've had to drink today is one cup of coffee, but I've peed enough to fill maybe 3 pots worth. So much unwanted pee. 🈴️
  15. You know the rules, gotta link it for us.
  16. good shit. got some really full sounds in there
  17. kind of interesting 3 part documentary about the fall of berlin to the allied powers told through various diaries and journals of red army soldiers, german personnel and survivors of the third reich. maybe you can say it's a shortened version of the second part of this documentary
  18. I've been bored at my father's place all day. He's spent the whole day sitting on the sofa and watching tv and I'm just trying to occupy myself somehow. I just want to be back at my own place.
  19. btw i also watched the trial of tim heidecker - pure delight...
  21. That’s the last time I schedule my dentist appointment during an magnetic storm.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Playing Mafia 2 at the moment. Pretty decent. It's way better than 3. Like ppl said how the hell was the latest game allowed to be so repetitive.
  24. i was looking for things to ironically sample this morning & i came across one of those MOTIVATION youtube channels that's all just those videos with the epic movie trailer piano music, the video of ppl jogging in nature or some shit, the jordan peterson-tier quotes etc. It really did feel like brainwashing propaganda generated by some sort of evil productivity-obsessed AI
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