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  2. But libraries pay for hard copies of the books and have special copyright laws? They need to argue they are something else, because they are so very important in preserving human knowledge and culture (like that amazing film "In Our Garden").
  3. but, internet archive has copyrighted stuff right? making it ilegal? I never looked at it as a complete legal site... those Eva books I mentioned are copyright protected but random dudes just decided to upload them... anyway I have no clue what I'm talking about as always... ミ⁠●⁠﹏⁠☉⁠ミ
  4. Holy shit, this slaps so hard. Mind blowing. Lean Beef Patty, Fentanyl Tester, Kingdom Hearts Key and Jack Harlow Combo Meal. Love the MJ sample on Orange Juice Jones.
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  6. i watched For Your Eyes Only last week and it was campy and weird. i think i just don't like the Roger Moore Bond movies, and this one was more competent than the other i watched but i i'm going to avoid the others. just finished The World is Not Enough and it was actually okay. it had plot holes/handwaving science and just shifting things from one set piece to the next, but it was all done well enough. Brosnon is alright, played Bond a little too much to the cliche, i think, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. the intro scene and main song (anyone remember Garbage?) were...
  7. I'm wondering if this will just impact their ability to lend out books or if it'll cause the whole site to get shut down. I'm sure it'll impact ebook borrowing and lending in general. Might even impact physical brick-and-mortar libraries too. But I would hope that everything else like public domain books, films, music, etc. wouldn't be affected. I hope. I read further and saw that a lot of the lawsuit had to do with the CDL program they were using. They either got rid of the wait lists or made them more lenient towards how many people were borrowing ebooks at a time during covid. Also side note, author...
  8. This is the new Danny Brown i've been waiting for for years. Some fcking insane tracks on this. Have been moshing like an idiot all over my apartment today to "Lean Beef Patty" and "God Loves You".
  9. This is how you counterfeit (chinese store over at Castries, St Lucia):
  10. Yesterday
  11. found side B of this tape! at least i think this is side b unfortunately i had to lower the audio quality a loooot to upload it here. ibc_side_b_1991.mp3 ibc_side_b_1991.mp3
  12. My father hates my cat but loves his new doggy... Not in a million years I would have guessed something like this could happen... Look where she has her muzzle...
  13. thanks 4 all the evangelion books, boc old tapes and nirvana the band the show...
  14. Now the million dollar question here is...
  15. I work here, different ships depending on every 7 months contract... Then 2 months vacation back at home...
  16. If they can restrain themselves from flooding Diablo 4 with lootboxes all over the place its going to be really good
  17. I woke up late for work. Left house late kept missing bus transfers cause they all said “to garage”. Got there only to realize I forgot my work keys. Now all the way back home I go. It’s going to be a late night. Luckily I can show up anytime on Saturdays.
  18. Are you just traveling around the world? Or do you live there?
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