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  2. sounds pretty solid he's going to try and do some shit on election night and basically have a coup regardless of the outcome.
  3. The original Medium article that laid out all of the evidence for this a few weeks ago is a great read. https://medium.com/@registrarproject17/jim-watkins-is-q-the-russians-are-helping-him-and-other-adventures-b457848e210b And the followup from the next day: https://medium.com/@registrarproject17/qanon-is-an-enormous-alternate-reality-game-arg-run-by-malevolent-puppetmasters-27e6b098ce9b
  4. that's where I Remember South America directly south of North America with the Panama Canal running East - West now the canal runs North - South and South America has moved hundreds of miles to the East BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  5. When I've heard such things as "emosh" it has been tongue firmly in cheek or terribly terribly obnoxious, the same sorta person would refer to renovation on their house as "renovash"
  6. https://ikunixx.bandcamp.com/album/dougga This was posted over in the Ae reddit thread a while back and it’s exceptionally good. I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole of this artist for days and it’s been refreshing and exciting. Edit: Menarik is heat
  7. It's both? Governments and political movements rarely create stuff like this from scratch, they instead co-opt, appropriate and exploit existing movements. This is no different, it's just had a greatly accelerated timeline.
  8. Emosh sounds aussie-slang friendly, like it could slot in nicely with your iso & arvo & avo & sanga & straya, however I've never heard it in the wild here. 'Emosh' probably would have been dealt as a snide pejorative masculinity banter term when a male breaks social faux pas by getting a tad too u wot m8 or sooky.
  9. Nice, I need to see what he's been up too. Not surprised Media Roots Radio has always been insightful and tenacious in that kind of reporting. Abbey Martin has been on JRE and I think on Heidecker's show as well. Worst Year Ever (Behind the Bastards spinoff) did a great episode with an expert on Aum Shinrikyo who has seen parallels to QAnon. She was a bit stiff but informative and totally predicted how influential and dangerous QAnon was going to become over a year ago. She mentioned how crazy the Aum Shinrikyo era hysteria was, I knew of the bombing but apparently it reached a fair numb
  10. Never heard of em, but I love that album cover. Will listen later.
  11. in political disinfo it's common to preempt a subject with your own messaging. if you can anticipate a coming attack, you can fill the heads of your constituency with your talking points on the subject long before they ever even hear the attack. then when they learn whatever it is they're ready to dispute it, as trained, like a cult member. qanon, i can't help but notice, introduces manufactured narratives about child trafficking, about trump, and about flynn. coincidentally, this serves to insulate trump, as well as russia, and it covers up the link between the two.
  12. Didn't know Calgary is Cowtown for Canada:) Wichita is Cowtown for usa
  13. psyops. from the right or russia.. or a troll. after the silk road dread pirate roberts fiasco and ross ulbricht being the patsy for that.. i assumed Q could really be anyone. it's easy enough to fool people on the internet.
  14. I'm sure I'll get used to this new Classic soon enough. Only real issue I'm seeing is the links in the top right (desktop) are barely visible. Also as I'm composing this message, it's odd that the text box is the same color background as the toolbar above and background of already-submitted post blocks themselves. Lack of differentiation.
  15. it's when you're loved up and raving against sweaty bodies on the dance floor
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