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  2. Made a splash when emerging but that’s been quite a while now. Laughable prices for the first few pressings, just look at discogs. Frustrating overall. Capable of genius & dross in equal measure. Respect the influences, I mean every release’s template is like an early 90’s house soundbite, so they can have all the constituent parts retro-analysed which don’t always add up holistically. Retro-stasis?
  3. I thought the BOC alias was stuff the Ae bros put out whenever the visit each other and get stoned. Stan moving to Norway probably put a spanner in the works.
  4. For years I've only used crypto to buy drugs and never even attempted to hold any of it. I cant really think of a better use for it really... but sometimes i wonder 'what if i had just held $200 in there back in 2016???'
  5. And yet you couldn't even quote me. Are you scared that I would have seen this on a message board and thought you were trying to show me how tough you were as some kind of threat? You may want to reevaluate how you made yourself look with this one, tough guy! Go listen to my mixes which I post here for you. No modular setup. Charter member of the Criterion Channel. And someone who can see how pathetic people who obsess over Boards of Canada are. Pathetic insecure fake.
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  7. Vinyl release on bandcamp!!!! Our prayers have been answered. https://raster-raster.bandcamp.com/album/hd
  8. I also have a longer video but could not upload due to upload restrictions on the forum. maybe I will upload to youtube later
  9. IMG_4117.MOV IMG_4112.MOV IMG_4118.MOV
  10. avec plaisir, but would be cool to have some half-decent quality file first... 🤔
  11. Now he says signed copies are shipping out: https://soisong.greedbag.com/mailouts/soisong056/kam1e-signed-edition https://soisong.greedbag.com/buy/kam1esigned/
  12. If you're on a Mac, rather than Soundflower, I'd suggest giving Blackhole a try https://existential.audio/blackhole/ No Windows version yet.
  13. Beauty. A tad different from the other 3OP releases (maybe ?) but still perfectly aligned with all the gorgeous music we've been so lucky to release so far. The SC teaser is erm... a teaser really, as most of the pieces need more than 90 seconds to unfold.
  14. Melodic IDMish techno in Kennedy's inimitable style. Recommended.
  15. @jaderpansencan we get the ole EQ treatment on the above stat pls?^
  16. So, it turns out I was correct. At some point I said to my girlfriend "This is surely way over 1 hour they're playing already, right?". But I didn't want to check my phone and break the "zone". But the fuckery started at 21:50 and when it was all over I checked my phone an it said 23:10. I am still trying to gather my thoughts for a follow up post about the last 20 minutes of the show, which were my favourite Ae moment ever (I was drunk as well)!
  17. Everyone who thinks crypto as an investment is a good idea should read this interview (or listen to it if you prefer): https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-25/sam-bankman-fried-described-yield-farming-and-left-matt-levine-stunned One takeaway from this whole conversation is that DeFi might be more similar to Bitcoin than a lot of people thought, deriving its value from collective agreement that the ‘thing’ (in this case the box, or yield-farming protocol) is worth something rather than deriving value from a fundamental usefulness.
  18. I think crypto as an investment isn't that bad. The prices have been going through evenly spaced cycles of booms and crashes since the beginning, it's like seasons changing. It's winter time again now but I don't think the winter will be permanent. Also, if you had bought bitcoin at any point in the 2010s and held it until now, you would be in profit despite the current crash
  19. I just started "For All Mankind". Heard good things, so hope I'm not too disappointed.
  20. releases July 8th, 2022 threeop.bandcamp.com/music Written and produced by @DeliKuvveti Mastering by @Nil Artwork by @oscillik
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