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  2. don't be surprised if the gop allow bolton to play witness, and give trump a freebe anyways. regardless of any incriminating testimonies bolton might make. the "we already know that shit" is baked into the current outcome anyways. (trump supporters dont give a shit)
  3. it's the "lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to" of the 90s.
  4. damn. screw the haters. underworld are still good, but as is expected for a group of their caliber, a shadow of their former selves. That's what happens when you grow old. Nothing will touch second toughest, but dubnobass -> two worlds off is a helluva run. Top quality music on all fronts. Enjoyed drift but it's not perfect
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  6. ^ haha, yea. Totally nostalgic but it holds up - for me at least.
  7. Great article, thanks for sharing.
  8. Wonder how many people that are spastic about this novel virus actually get influenza shots each year. Know what kills tens of thousands of people every year like clockwork?
  9. Could it be that this was instantly sold out? Can't find it anywhere.
  10. anyway... romney, collins, and murkowski now clearly signalling witness votes. that's 3. CJ Roberts breaks ties. Still 4 days before witness vote, apparently friday. trump defense finishes their "case" today/tomorrow, then there are 2 days of questioning by the senate directed towards both the impeachment managers and the trump defense team. the count can only grow. it looks like bolton testimony is happening. and nyt reported last night that bolton is establishing first-hand direction by trump of US aid conditionality on Ukraine announcing investigations of both the Bidens and the GRU theory whitewashing 2016 hack attribution. senate gop are worried they might not be able to get away with covering...
  11. Read that there are 2 confirmed cases in Toronto, now those anti viral surgical masks are a hot item. They've apparently completely sold out across the city, and are being re-sold online for around $100/mask. I can get a 10 pack at my local target for $5.99. Any Canadian watmmers wanna make some money?
  12. https://www.nts.live/shows/lost-control I play a lot of warp stuff on my show. I’ve had EOD on there as guest for one of the shows which I think would interest people on here. x
  13. Look at those claws, and his face. He's just ready to claw the shit out of any dog that's not orange/red like him.
  14. ^ Nostalgia. I think most people first heard this back in the late '90s/early 00's when this was still fresh, and can associate it with that time. It's definitely better than a lot of the downtempo/trip hop compilations that came and went during that era of electronic music. It was always disc 2>disc 1 for me. And thanks to this thread, I'm listening to this in probably the first time in 10+ years. Now I just need a bong, some weed, a black light, and a fish tank or an old winamp visualization to stare at to make the nostalgia trip complete!
  15. I had a short instance of GAS for a roland mc 101, but then noticed that playing liveacts with that thing will not work, because of the scenes limitation. So fuck that, just bought a Elektron M:S instead as sampler for my beats.
  16. I could go for a subliminal sandwich
  17. reading the posts above i've got a sneaking suspicion people have vastly different ideas on what systemic racism means. if some "higher ups" have racist views, or a certain part of the population has consciously or unconsciously racist "views" (i'll put some "'s here because what the hell is an unconscious view!? i hope you catch the drift), does that imply systemic racism? please don't read this as some wagging finger post trying tell explain what systemic racism is, because honestly, i'd expect this to be a discussion in and of itself. is racism systemic if the laws are completely clean of all forms of racism, but people executing them...
  18. Merzbow plays surprisingly... pleasant?.. music from his record collection https://www.nts.live/shows/guests/episodes/merzbow-21st-january-2020
  19. exciting! That post is a bit of a tease!
  20. aiueo


    NEW ALBUM "DECODED SPHERE" OUT ON 29 FEB 2020. Self-notes about the album "Decoded Sphere" When we perceive this world through each of our filters (or rather, we tend only to recognise it that way), it is within such a worldview that emerges. This album was named Decoded Sphere with the meaning of "a representation of the world seen through coloured eyeglasses." It can feel very obvious when you reflect upon it. You can often be overwhelmed by the fact that there are different worlds as many as the world's population. I have been very attracted to music that can be listened to easily, and whilst has an infiniteness within...
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