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  2. And plain light wood, of course.
  3. America, land of unbridled optimism, exchanged moralities, rights for all, and above all your personal right. It was the West, it was wild and there for the taking by any individual who could demonstrate a high enough quota of confidence, flexibility, and desire—anything at any cost to anyone. … A consumer’s purgatory, in which everything was made, sold, and bought by interchangeable organisms of the same mind, a perfect survival mechanism for the objects, but not the animal. This infallible feedback loop was orchestrated down to fractions of seconds of tangible human lives by the gr
  4. Somehow I can't help but think this would make a decent album cover.
  5. Almost got this for my son for Christmas, but instead went with the PlayStation vr. He still ended up getting an avengers helicarrier and the razors edge from mandalorian. We are still trying to finish the Death Star, too, so our house is becoming overrun with giant Star Wars sets. I agree, tho, it’s one of the coolest Lego sets ever.
  6. Out now, just banger after banger, his most focused and best release yet??? so happy i bought it 😍
  7. Hopefully they can be retooled for any new variants, although the South African strain seems to be able to evade the Pfizer vaccine in some cases: https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210412/south-african-variant-can-break-through-pfizer-protection https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.06.21254882v1
  8. Yes, you should. It’s totally worth it. I had an analogue solutions clone for years, and I can tell you that the td3 beats it for sure. Also, it’s so cheap. I recently sold my analogue solutions clone because I bought some 303 clone modules that ended up making the old one useless to me. However, once I saw how cheap the td3 was (at the time $150) I figured it was worth it. So now I have two clones, one overpriced and integrated into my eurorack, and the other a fun cheap little box. I was not let down at all. You definitely can make some acid- I would...
  9. album is good. a bit more beats and such than expected but it is definitely a pretty somber and tense collection overall. Dove Stone was fucking beautiful on first listen. edit: oh and that intro track is & great
  10. oh, she's good yeah. she mentions right at the outset that 'there's not really even new particles theorized but this seems to be evidence for new particles' and imo that's a bit of a checkmark in the column for 'physicists just want there to be a new particle so any possible evidence that there is they're jumping on and claiming it's new particles/forces!' ...and she never mentions the other relevant study from the BMW group that basically just says that the measurements are fine, nothing new here, just some calculation errors in one or more of the experiments. but she does explain things pret
  11. Today
  12. Chapter 22 The first day of shooting was scheduled for October 24th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They had secured a gynecologist’s office on San Mateo Boulevard near the Planned Parenthood Surgical Center as their first location. On the Thursday prior Tom had called several pro-life and anti-abortion groups as well as various media outlets to, anonymously of course, inform them of the subject of what was going to be filmed that day. Tom and Chloe arrived on set that morning at 10 a.m. in a rented black Mercedes G550. Tom was wearing a blue Versace suit, tan Versace shoes, and Versace
  13. RB: No, there’s a better way – let them choose. Like, (singing as in a commercial) I believe in the children of the future! It’d be good to let them pick for themselves. done
  14. Open Camera You can change the resolution and image quality/compression. If you want to play around in post instead/as well then Photo Editor is a decent free app.
  15. Unless they get their kick from a spectral analyser, the set up better include some good monitors or headphones too. Not to mention a good computer to run all the janky M4L.
  16. I’m not an expert so can’t say much but if the numbers aren’t right, then to me that puts the rest of the documentary in a bad light. He wasn’t the only one to criticize part of the film. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/mar/31/seaspiracy-netflix-documentary-accused-of-misrepresentation-by-participants Again, I should really sit down and watch it, but I do think the counterpoints raised should also be considered. That said, i agree that over-fishing is very serious concern. I don't think the answer is for everyone to just turn vegan.
  17. Yeah this. It's not like we are demanding music every month cuz we are spoilt brats, we were promised something, that's it. You don't put some mysterious dates just for great banter and hahas. If this was intentional just to lower my guard down then yeah, tap yourself on a fucking shoulder, you made it! But if you think this will make me even more enthusiastic about anything that will suddenly pop out of warp, weirdcore or this freaka tit guy then no, couldn't care less. Autechre for instance knows how to handle audience and other things, they make you look like a fucking amateurs by a lo
  18. I'm amenable to the idea that Capitalism represents a distinct mutation in human social relations which has set off a chain reaction of explosive (and yes, often harmful) side effects. I'd probably side with Ellul or Lewis Mumford & place this process further back than the emergence of Capitalism as a named thing, back either to the emergence of a particular linear/historical/progressivist worldview, or to the emergence of technological development itself. My understanding (perhaps flawed) is that for the vast majority of the time that biologically-modern humans have been around, we basica
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