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  2. But the thing is that when you look at the SD discography, the releases/tracks that really stand out and became underground hits are by Function - Isolation, Anticipation, Variance, and Ember; there are almost none Regis and Female releases - although one of the best is Female (+ Karl Meier) and that's Kalon's Born-Against (there's an amazing remix release that's digitanl only). Silent Servant has the most releases under his own name, and even Rrose has four. The most interesting one-off is Yves de Mey's Counting Triggers - de Mey is better known as the other half of Sendai, the other being Pe
  3. I am just conjecturing here, but it could be 3x12 pressed at 45rpm... (and that is absolutely conjecture btw)
  4. Fresh hauntology "synthpop" from the desert. Recommended!
  5. Depends on the battery type but the way that GM is designing them, their capacity at "end of life" for vehicular use will still be good enough that they can be used as powerwalls / backups for homes. In instances where these large batteries will have to be recycled, we are lacking in that infrastructure currently and I'm hoping that it's just because there isn't enough of a market yet. I'm hoping that once a large enough market exists, some companies will find a way to recycle the batteries in an environmentally-friendly way but I don't think that should stop us from moving forward with
  6. Today
  7. Been a while since I’ve played either one honestly. But looking at the digital release times, 56 and 63 mins aren’t so bad. Guess just the thought of 3LP feels like a lot in one release, potentially overwhelming with filler. Broken up into different releases, things can feel more solid. But hey, I welcome any new music and can always break it up myself if I need to.
  8. I mean, I know opinions are subjective and all, but you do realise that both albums have been double 12s right?
  9. after taking a trip across the world, the wax has arrived at its home. Very happy day
  10. Only if it’s double at most, or split it into separate releases. I like his style but I don’t think it lends itself to a really long format.
  11. Youtube version for the AMKS.live transmission on 5th June 2021
  12. Female and Regis were also in the now defunct Sandwell District techno super-group. I'd love for them to work together again, under that guise. I totally agree that everything on the label was brilliant. RIP.
  13. VHS Head on Twitter: "If I were to do a self release double/triple 12” album, would anyone be interested in that?" / Twitter
  14. Joyrex


    And when your EV reaches the end of its life (or the battery capacity becomes problematic) I guess we can hope by then we won't have a new problem on hand of what to do with all those toxic batteries from all the first generation EVs...
  15. zazen


    I know what you mean but I take solace in the fact that electrons are all identical, so its all down to keeping track of how much energy I use, and making sure that same amount is purchased from a renewable provider. The accounting of those sums is as close as its possible to get.
  16. I agree. I bloody love my TD3
  17. Ok, tying up the Passion Music era today! Aircut - Visual Attack (1992) -Visual Attack (Humanoid Attack) -Visual Attack (Oh Bonic Assault) -Visual Attack (Oh Bonic Attack) Semi Real - People Livin' Today -7" Mix -Original -Med Mix -Endorphine Mix -Deep Field Mix -Radio Med Mix EarthBeat Three exclusive tracks / mixes: -Mental Cube - Q (EarthBeat Version) -Yage - Theme from Hot Burst -Smart Systems - Tingler (Remix) Next up, the first FSOL radio transmissions.
  18. I never knew about this...
  19. Watched Dune Redux the other day. It's a meticulously edited fan edit using some of Lynch's directing notes, old deleted footage, more of Eno's sound and much more, bringing it closer to what Lynch envisioned I think. Never managed to finish the original cut but this had me glued to the screen, loved it. Now I can finally read the book I have lying around *hides*
  20. The reality is that people are going to want to drive avg. 15,000 mi/yr and that shifting the points of pollution from millions of point sources (internal combustion vehicles) to a few hundred power plants is still much better because even if those power plants are polluting, it's much easier to control the extra harmful stuff in those few hundred smokestacks than it is on millions of tailpipes. A major problem with EVs is the upfront carbon cost that it takes to manufacture the batteries. It takes quite a few years of that vehicle being in service before you overtake a typical ICE vehic
  21. lol this sounds like an tag line for the best anti-VD ad campaign ever
  22. Joyrex


    We have that in the US (in most states) as well - I have been using an electric provider since 2004 that produces 100% renewable energy via wind and solar. The reality is though, while choosing a provider that creates renewable energy does some good, the reality is the owners of the transmission network can't separate out the renewable vs the fossil fuel-based electricity, so you're still using "dirty" electricity in some capacity. Only until the majority of electric providers are 100% renewable will we have true "clean(er)" energy. And yes, electric cars (once we get to that tipping poin
  23. if you need to use a chainsaw on a regular basis then by all means get it. it should last you at least your lifetime if you take care of it. if i learned anything from my father is that tools should be one-time investment for a man. my father specially prides himself having tools his father gave him, and some even from his grandfather ~100 years old. on the other hand, if cutting trees is just once in a blue moon for you it might be better to simply borrow one.
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