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  2. Absolutely. It seems daunting, but synth designers are usually pretty generous in providing flow diagrams that show how the basic components (VCO, VCF, LFO, etc) of their designs interact with each other. If you're using something like VCV (which is completely free btw!) or the Nord it then just becomes a matter of replicating that flow of components. Even if you don't come close to an exact emulation, you'll usually hit on something interesting and will have learned a lot in the process. The Nord in particular is great for this kind of thing because the interface is dead simple, there are thousands of patches online that you can reverse engineer, and the actual machine won't crash if you hook something up the wrong way. I even made a passable emulation of my Minibrute on it because I got sick of having to clear space on my desk to set it up.
  3. I calculated it, 8.2345% is his voice.
  4. That's what you get i guess when a bunch of borderline sociopathic 50-90 year old CEOs who just wanna make a lot of money before they die. Reminds me of that article from a few years back on Trump purposely building and walling up his golf courses in areas slated to be more impacted by climate change. lol. This is one of those things people intuitively know but actual evidence from an investigations just confirms the obvious. I'm impressed with how well their propaganda works actually. This is a bit of conspiratorial thinking on my part, but I wonder if these are the types of people behind the "No Child Left Behind" education reform, which essentially lowers the bar and the quality of education for many kids outside of the honors courses. President Bush pushed for it and got it through congress, so it makes sense to me.
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  6. Nice! I'm somewhat tempted to get a couple of those pico modules, just because they seem to be a decent price for what you get. But.. I'm determined to build some stuff of my own.
  7. You're disadvantaging yourself with this mindset! Sure, it may take a little while to get used to how things interact etc, but you should definitely give it a try. I'm going by memory here, but here's what I think it should be like: Start with a single voice (looks like it's pretty much just a simple oscillator and a VCA with an ASR envelope), then turn that into a pair that can modulate each other, mixed into a basic filter ("sharp"). That pair then can turn into another pair, perhaps with a bit more cross modulation to make things a bit unpredictable, and then a control for the release of all four voices (I think that's the "hold" control?); you can add a switch for each pair to multiply/divide the signal going into the release to simulate the "fast" switch (again, I've only barely played one so this is going from vague memory). If you then duplicate this group of 4, adding some more cross modulation (all of this modulation should be switchable) you're nearly there.. after that it's just a matter of adding a couple of delays, a distortion, and an LFO routable to delay time/oscillator pitch. It likely won't be an exact copy, but you could probably get something with a similar feel. I'm actually tempted to try replicating it myself, perhaps on my Nord modular..
  8. rewatching the mist tv series on Netflix. Good, wish they did s second series. Compared to the rest of the absolute dross on Netflix. I mean, truly shit shows on there. Watched some outer limits from the 50's. David Lynch must have been totally influenced by that show as a kid. The first episode with the alien in the box. amazing. Outer limits leaves me feeling less molested than the twilight zone
  9. marf

    Game of Thrones

    Season 8 was really bad. Im just going to forget I saw it
  10. Agreed, Orbital's set was full of their classic sound, strong nostalgic vibes for me. Wish I had a good recording of it, main stage sounded so good! Amelie Lens was just before, and she crushed it. Floated around most of the day, but caught the majority of Neil Landstrumm at the underground stage. Great energy. It's so weird to see mini-Coachella in Detroit, many absurd outfits in the crowd. I did see the Aphex shirts too lol.
  11. I’m just gonna post this and run as I’m driving back from Detroit. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/exxon-knew-about-climate-change-almost-40-years-ago/?redirect=1
  12. Dear Hollywood, plz stop live actioning the crap out of classic animated movies. tho don't care about the disney movies so keep doing that if you want money so bad, and not the good ones like Akira.
  13. Ended up with a pico quant, very happy.. The glide and tolerance knobs are a nice touch plus it has the ability to have scales (including microtonal scales) uploaded via its clock in. Also added a pico rnd, right now I'm mostly using its s&h output to feed to the quant, mostly. Putting off a disting for a while longer. The profires seem to go for quite a bit of money used over here rn (although I only saw 2 so small sample size :)). Used to have a profire1 610 to dj with and that was great, survived at least 4 years of pretty heavy duty use and never failed me, and it had 8 outputs in only half a 19" size unit. I'll probably end up with a second secondhand saffire pro40, that's the interface I currently have and am quite happy with (not a super critical user wrt transparency and micpre's and such) which seem to go for around 200 local monetary units. Either that or the dreaded ubiquitous ada8200 if I'm too lazy/impatient to get a secondhand unit.
  14. I don't try to think too hard about it. If a great majority of the people who study the climate say human induced global warming is going to be the end of us is a thing then I'll believe them. Scientists also brought me this smart phone that mostly wastes my time and (directly and indirectly) brought us the wonderful world of nuclear weapons and the constant fear of nuclear war.. and airplanes.... and wireless drills. So I figure they're good for it when it comes to their consensuses.
  15. yeah. great work guys. critical thinking is big around here. ;)
  16. Just a followup on the ADAT expander discussion a few pages back, I finally had a chance to set up the Profire 2626 as an ADAT expander for my BLA modded Digi002 and it works great, no idea how much difference the BLA clock is making but the sound is very transparent, and if you compare closely the BLA does sound just a bit better but it's a really minor difference on line sources. Haven't tried the mic pres or anything. Definitely a good deal for the used price.
  17. Lone Man On Internet Proves World's Leading Climate Scientists Wrong
  18. Going to stick with the 97% of climate scientists on this one.
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