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  2. Do it Diatoms! we need your centralised fonts cutting up the dance floor.
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  4. Guys, I am heartbroken, but I can't make it to Manchester with my wife due to visa issues. So I have two tickets to sell. I can transfer them via ticketmaster, please drop me a PM if your genuinely interested to go. I'll now go home and cry.
  5. Yeah, Im not gonna buy this. Can't justify £20 on 4 tracks that I already have
  6. New one early this week as I am scrambling to prepare stuff for a gig next week and having a lot of technical difficulties. Somehow I am really happy with how the mix came out even though my headphones are broken and the left monitor lost half the frequencies halfway through the mixing process. https://streak.club/p/35843/wed-18-sep-by-thawkins
  7. Details??? its my number 1 bucket list thing - to see pusher in Japan.... the greatest crowd on earth - just listen to Lqiquid room, alive in japan and Lafayette 04. Unbelievable Also Warp missed a tick - should have some Squarepusher archive shit in their warp30 box-set!! No fucking brainer
  8. Jeremy deller doco was lush tho. That early Manc rave that those black kids were throwing in the community centre looked amazing. Love all that history that ain't in the books shit
  9. I think Richie just fucking loves old rave. A glance at his discogs proves that. Its funny as hes pretty much was the reason I stopped listening to rave. I find it lush that hes really into it. I'm a bit younger tho and missed the golden years of rave. I guess techno and idm were coming to their golden years when I was coming of age more (imo)
  10. It definitely is, they can do what they want. Especially when the film isn't a biopic, but even then, they rarely stick to the facts.
  11. Sad for all the Watmmers who can't go. This sucks. I really like you people, of all the forums I hang out on you're the best.
  12. Nah this is top draw lads. I would have killed for this 24 years ago. It's all about us old middle age cunts fulfilling our teenage dreams/mid life crisis. Edit: just googled and I'm not middle aged yet apparently. Still thoughts the same. Edit2: chuffed with both things now. Woop.
  13. The sample was the best part about that one. I also seem to remember that peel session version is slowed down a bit but it looks like it's normal speed... Good point
  14. Is that an Alberto balsam sample on track 7 ?
  15. The older I get, the more information gets circulated online faster than I can keep up with, and the more I realize nearly all of my own comments and posts are shit.
  16. auxien


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  17. GOP owns the government. trump gives orders and people follow them against the constitution. senate is complicit. no matter how loud the house dems scream and how many hearings they hold it doesn't matter. none of these people around trump are going to go against him. none of them have any integrity or uphold any kind of oath of office. until the dems actually put people in jail for contempt and up the stakes of the process none of these people will crack under pressure.. why would they? they walk in.. they refuse to answer questions.. they leave. the presidents calls them and says "good job" it's a joke.
  18. agreed. this is honestly a pretty lame release. bird whistle is really just not very good, not good enough to be one of four tracks on a vinyl that will cost ~$25 including shipping. and when only one of the other tracks wasn't really available widely. just seems like a lazy release. they couldn't compile some other rare things into a decent tracklist?
  19. Really stoked to give this a full listen, BABii has crept up on my listens a lot lately and she & Igloo seem to play well off each other.
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