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  3. I've made a little walkthrough for Samplebrain, Aphex Twin's new sound design tool. Hope you all enjoy it.
  4. Well I stand corrected but I still think that they were either consciously or unconsciously taking off from it. At that time in history there was a massive Star Wars craze going on at least as I remember it.
  5. And therefore just around the corner
  6. there's an edited version somewhere where they organize the scenes by chronological order..
  7. Just use your fame to get a guy to make a fun interface for CDP, Richard. PS, doesn't work for my 2017 Mac
  8. Ive been in enough psych wards you'd think I would have seen one flew over the cuckoo's nest. But I haven't. I need to get around to it. I used to fill air freshener machines for my Dad's company in state facilities all up and down the east coast of the usa. These places don't exist anymore. Most of them at least. I saw some crazy shit. Wow, what a nightmare. I was admitted to one later in life as a patient, but it was just the one in the whole state. Now they are just wards in general hospitals. Regan got rid of them, Hence the huge homeless problem.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Ah! found this too… has replay… had replay… https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/09/26/science/nasa-dart-asteroid-mission
  11. yeah... it got super close and then screen turned red which meant impact and "you died". there's another feed w/picture in picture of the control room and people jumping up adn down.
  12. Snap! I forgot this was happening today. Did I miss it?? The feed is just a red screen.
  13. nasa about to smash into that asteroid's nuts.
  14. NASA about to smash into an asteroid
  15. a quick search reveals she seems to have acted right up to the end.
  16. dude shot the dude at the place where they do the stuff.
  17. dcom's quote from his email on the last page stated 'weeks 40 & 41' which i believe is sometime in October?
  18. actually ... the press release spoke of the "what" (a code to download the Helsinki date for free), but not of the "when": this could also mean "when the soundboards will be published - 2023? -, that specific one will be downloadable with code". ...Here an opalescent mist of resignation envelops me, bringing me back to the familiarity of my sterile habits
  19. Bram Stoker’s Dracula getting a theatrical 4K re-release for Halloween
  20. How many millions of dollars did Microsoft pay Brian Eno to make a 3 second audio logo that isn't any better than some of that stuff? I'm a Bruton Music type, myself.
  21. There are three notes that are similar. I mostly heard that they were fans of Rosemary's Baby. TBF, I'd unironically rather listen to good, late 70s library music than half of the Beatles catalog.
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