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  2. Of course they’re from the country that invented ripping your pubic hair out with sticky goo
  3. Aye. I've had a couple releases that have been completely removed from the book of life. In the minority, and most seem to go to Private.
  4. that’s the more expensive one, yeah? it ain’t got a shot in the Senate.
  5. so, an artist can make a release private. essentially anyone who’s purchased that will still have access to it, afaik to stream and download. it just doesn’t show up publicly to anyone else. but a deleted album is gone forever, even if someone purchased it before. yall let me know if off on any of that, but i’m p sure that’s how it works
  6. Got my copies of the reissues, proper. Alas, no download codes included.
  7. I work for J&J and here's a little secret about Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages. They're all made in Brazil. All of them. Nobody says why we make all of them in Brazil, but everyone thinks there was some dirty $$$ involved. You wonder why your Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages are so expensive? Because everything that made up what's in that box was shipped to Brazil, sterilized, put together and then that box was shipped from Brazil to wherever you are.
  8. i used to like foobar but it barely works on linux with wine so fuck foobar for being windows locked
  9. I tried foobar a couple of times but simply couldn't get into it so went to musicbee and have been a fan ever since. It does have everything I need and imo is super flexible (at least to the point I've ever needed it to be). Tagging, converting, artwork, freq, playlists, whatever. Haven't let me down once. There are several skin options (bright and dark ones) although could imagine something like foobar has plenty more. But imo worth to check out. The logo and name are little silly though but, ah well... Oh, need to give some extra love for its miniplayer option.
  10. i'm using musicbee, very happy with it
  11. Well, the guys themselves are skinheads so it's no big surprise they were literal Nazis.
  12. I can also if bothered find a quote how Autechre fans are Nazis. But I’ve got to eat a fish pie as it’s getting cold.
  13. Here’s a post welcoming a new member to the friendly forum Honestly, you couldn’t find a better bunch of folk on the internet, in my opinion. Good to have you here! A few days later, while discussing Morrissey… I remember reading in the Metro probably around 2015 that a few years earlier he’d had a horrible lung disease and nearly died. Honestly would’ve been better if he did. Doesn’t get flagged, in fact probably gets a round of applause. I think this sums up the place perfectly really. I also think Bowie and Nick Cave has also been spun into the web of woke, and this forums crusade against all...
  14. Today
  15. China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58678907
  16. Dude, literally everything I say and do is cringe. I've made my peace with that. You ever watch like a Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode video and their un-embarassed sincerity is like 'whoa this is kinda cringe lol' and then maybe you watch it the next day and it makes sob like an idiot and then you realize maybe you're a chronically sarcastic person who's allergic to sincerity and maybe that's worth thinking about? I do that alot.
  17. foobar is far beyond any other player i've tried. owns
  18. I have a local backup on a hard drive, an online backup on google drive, and I upload my collection to youtube music for free streaming.
  19. That’s an amazing compliment, thank you man !!
  20. Foobar allows u to use skins. There is one that looks similar to that one.
  21. Anybody here use Vox? https://vox.rocks/
  22. Biden = band aid "band aid" and "biden" almost have the exact same letters (minus an "e", but e = ecstasy, bad shit) Johnson & Johnson (the same evil fuckos who make vaxxes) make band aids so in other words, Biden is in cahoots with the band aid companies, to secretly inject us with vaxxes, all because he hates freedom, and wants to let China control the world. I could post this shit on twitter, and have no doubt there would be someone out there who believes it. we are living in the shitpost era. modern society has mutated into one great big living breathing shitpost.
  23. That shit is gross and inhumane (even if the border agents are technically not using "whips", their use of those long reins is similar to whips). It seems that some democrats at least are against it and calling on the Biden White House to change the policy regarding Haitian deportations: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/21/us/politics/haitians-border-patrol-photos.html https://www.cbsnews.com/news/immigration-border-patrol-agents-horseback-haitians/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/20/us-begins-deportation-flights-haitians-texas-border-town I'm not optimistic that anything will be done to sanction the border agents, but at least the Biden administration isn't blaming the refugees?
  24. Seems I remembered correctly, heard first on the first track of the 4th episode: It's here
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