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  2. They're definitely about sex. It's always about sex.
  3. Thanks for the pointer, that one is a nice surprise and damn fine album. For some reasons I initially liked Caterpillar... "Cheesy melodic trance" was my prejudice as well. Just knew one track before: "Lump", which gave me some RDJ/Windowlicker vibes because of its use of voice.
  4. probably get pelters for this but i loved this album and their debut back in 94......wasnt hip to aphex etc yet (mainly cause my older siblings didnt own any i could steal)
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  6. Fact: Doctrine is the best AE track even when you combine Amber and Incunabula. anyone else feels that way?
  7. just be careful with that lisztomania, mate
  8. this is 1993. one of my fav album from 1993! as a big fan of Dinosaur Jr, Without a sound is one of their best album. heres two highlitght
  9. Here’s another vintage one… Transcript enclosed! There is a trove of interviews (the ones above, included), etc on this rad blog that I stumbled across… https://lannerchronicle.wordpress.com/
  10. just had a tooth cap break off. I've had composite resin caps on my two front teeth for years (back in paleolithic times I got knocked out by a Samoan dude who mistakenly thought I was harboring the drug dealer he was looking for, so he tried to kill me, the first act of which was sucker-punching me in the mouth while i wasn't looking) and just tonight, while flossing, my cap cracked off entirely, leaving me not only in pain but looking like a fucking menace to society and/or the living dead. I'm moving this week, while unemployed, and have no insurance, and my mouth feels fucking terrible. I...
  11. Didn’t see this in this thread. Not sure if it’s someplace else. Link to transcript below… Full interview transcript in here… https://lannerchronicle.wordpress.com/2020/10/04/music-technology-magazine-july-1993/
  12. https://www.discogs.com/master/518351-Various-Club-Saturn
  13. lol. if only they would open their minds to new shit. can't eat iceburg lettuce and ranch all ur life. time 2 shuve the seas of cheese up their ass. fuck em
  14. Usagi Productions in Sweden has just put out a new reissue of the previously impossible to come by 7" record (originally limited to 85 copies) by the much beloved psychedelic Japanese harsh noise outfit Cosmic Coincidence Control Center. For those who dig this kinda thing, I'd jump on this while the copies of the new edition are still available.
  15. i used to like these guys but the clownsmanship is too next level. please do not patronize this establishment watmm friends
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    I just picked up the Grimorium Verum, a 16th century french/italian text (English translation by Joseph Peterson, but it includes the French, Latin and surviving Italian manuscripts too). "one of the most notorious handbooks of black magic" though it's 13 centuries newer than the Testament of Solomon. Nice to see some crossover interest between occult and idm fanbases lol
  17. The Last of Us ep3 was awesome. Better than a lot of movies i've seen. Glad it's picking up, first couple didn't really grab me.
  18. Just get up there and throw on this mix and pretend you're twiddling some knobs Then follow it up with a load of Bogdan and finish with this. Then piss all over the rug, set the curtains on fire, and exit stage left.
  19. logakght

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    You should read this if you like ambient music: https://animanoir.notion.site/I-of-the-vortex-7afcce44e8ac4cceb02bdc9024444c56
  20. https://echospacesoundscapes.bandcamp.com/album/sequential-space-fragments-10gb-sound-library-w-100-custom-developed-impulse-responses
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