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  1. https://notyetremembered.bandcamp.com/album/extra-life really good (all modular?!?) album released 12/31 that i've been listening to a lot. good mix of some more laid back broken and loose grooves with some weirdo experimentation and some sweeter synthy pieces mixed in. makes for a good release, and all the proceeds go to charity which is nice. i know some of y'all will be into this for sure.
  2. Beautiful four tracker of snappy rhythmic soundscapes. Recommended.
  3. Previously featured on Kaer'Uiks' Six Circuits compilation, Hexalyne pummels with an album of crunchy glitchy goodness that'll make your teeth itch. Highly recommended.
  4. Weirded out experimental IDM-electro from the Spacebar Sentiments/Pretension category. Highly recommended.
  5. Inkipak's second album, now out on Mighty Force. Beautiful breakbeat driven melodic electronics and some acid, highly recommended.
  6. o u t n o w MMLXXVII | exm (bandcamp.com)
  7. Fresh album, only one track available at the moment, yet colour me interested. Waiting for more to make judgement.
  8. I think it's weird that this label calls itself Artificial Intelligence, then doesn't acknowledge the Warp compilations and series at all, yet it seems that they think of it as a tribute - but the SoundCloud blurb has Artificial Intelligence™ at the end, making it even more weird. Nevertheless, some interesting tracks in there, @mause represent.
  9. hi guys, around this time last year I reached out to the forum while conducting my thesis research to try and better understand the history and online essence of idm culture I framed idm as a disorganized online idm subculture, situating its history in rave culture and the impact that the UK rave movement and internet had on the formation of similar communities. I talked about self-identity, authenticity, social capital, cultural practices, the mainstream & underground, and some critical issues in race/gender inclusion that are quite general in the context of popular electronic music I'm happy to share this final product with you - I graduated in september and I am in the process of publishing portions of the research (primarily the social theory aspect of it). also, surprisingly there is not much scholarly research pertaining to idm and its culture so there may be interest in the international academic community in retrospect there are a lot of elements/approaches I would change if I were to do the project again, specifically with how I presented the project to you and reddit, but I am happy with it. any and all feedback is appreciated and I'm happy to chat about it too, so thanks again!! PNicholls-MastersThesis-2021.pdf
  10. It's pretty quiet here in the EKT New Releases Well, here's my new mini-album "Future Collider" made of the IDM-y, electro-y, techno-y tracks I've made in the past three years or so. Get it from Bandcamp: https://rraaste.bandcamp.com/album/future-collider
  11. Monolife from Likemind LM03 and previously unreleased Occasions & Adventures; as before with Fencepiece, vinyl only.
  12. the anisotroph sequence of singles begins with two tracks; IDM-style uptempo tracks with hints of modern electro, dark ambient, and glitch. [bandcamp]2487596580[/bandcamp] available at https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/anisotroph
  13. Highly recommended to fans of BVDUB & IDM genre. Cat.#: ROHS!035CD Release date: 20/01/2022 Format: CD, Digital The essence of ambient music is not the absence of movement, but movement that takes place on another, more interior, introspective level, a sort of fluctuation without movement, a travel while remaining still, a dance without movement. The dynamism of the musical components is a motion that does not necessarily require a moving body: it moves flows, displaces molecules, opens up spaces. Haze traces an emotional path that moves on two planes that intersect and emerge from each other: a drones base built with a simple synthesis starting from a basic waveform with a cascading filter. A sound that tends to grow and incorporate veins of noise created with techniques not far from certain shoegaze; and a part made up of compositional textures, vocal elements and sequences of notes that can sometimes include aleatory components. Much of the source material is experiments or unfinished tracks produced many years ago, when the Molven sound was much more IDM-oriented, as in SAF2013, a track made in 2013 and never released, remixed and included as a sort of callback to the origins. molven.org Pseudonym of Mario Marino, creator and curator of numerous projects and musical events that fuelled the electronic scene in Veneto in the early 90s, linked to the historic radio programme Red Planet. The same name was used at the time as a collective name for DJs to identify a certain ambient-techno sound, that of the so-called chill-out zones. In 2004 he founded the ambient label Laverna.net and, under the pseudonym matera electronics (later molven), he created some productions in which rarefied and introspective sounds coexist with sequences and rhythmic articulations typical of certain IDM electronics. In the latest productions the sound becomes deeper and more dilated, moving into ambient-drone territories, with vocal elements and noise veins.
  14. A surprisingly straightforward, non-hyper-glitchy but melodic-atmospheric-modular IDM album from DetUnd, very much in the vein of the recent Cepheid release. Recommended.
  15. Beautiful four-tracker of melodic IDM/electro, PWYW. Recommended.
  16. Melodic IDM and Braindance, PWYW. Recommended.
  17. My first encounter with Alighted, two original tracks and a Plaid remix, mastered by John Tejada. Recommended. Igloo says things.
  18. I'll post music here for my tsrono releases. In most or all cases this will be finished products, except for mastering, and so I'm not looking for help with direction of the songs or things like that, but I'll be welcoming any general comments you have. I'm particularly interested in feedback on production quality and suggestions based on that. Thanks for listening if you do! So here's some stuff from a new ep: You can download the entire reins ep over at bandcamp: http://tsrono.bandcamp.com I've also put up the ep over on last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/tsrono
  19. Massive 42 track charity compilation with all proceeds going towards Mind, a mental health organization in the UK. Music from top of the line producers like Cult 48, Keiss, exm, Roel Funcken, Min-Y-Llan, Repeat Eater and more. Highly recommended.
  20. Generative and modular weirdness from the artist also known as Proswell. Recommended.
  21. Wide-ranging collection of electronics and other more or less experimental fare. Recommended.
  22. Another brilliant four-tracker from MOY, released as a (very expensive) limited edition 2x10", but released in digital by MOY himself. Highly recommended.
  23. Beautiful melodies and lush pad streams beneath beats and breaks, classic deep UK tech-IDM for dark nights. Highly recommended (@Extralife's picked it up before I got to it).
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