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New High Quality Releases

Chris Moss Acid


Hello there Friend.


Starting at the end of March I decided to release my new stuff (and oldies) in never heard before High Quality Formats (.wav's/FLAC)


Some of my popular stuff is now available in these stunning HQ formats like; The Sub, This Was Meant To Be The Future, and 3 Brand new EP's; Space Disco, The Rhythm, It's Time To Slam Dance.


The latter releases coming with Extras, such as original Logo's from 04' (wowee you say) and Extra Tracks//Bonus Beats//alt Versions//Demos!

In future releases even more juicy stuff will be added as extras when you purchase these Digital Records.


So you could listen to the 128kbps previews and record them on audacity and keep them, or you could by the main product of lossless analog goodness and have the nice sunny feeling in your belly that you've funded underground music, as i try and give the buyers something that no-one else will have (apart from the other kind people)


And so comes the Pricing, I don't plan on making a living, buying houses, and cars, and jewlry from selling my music just on bandcamp. so im not going to ask for billions of pounds for a 2 track EP or even a 5 track EP. Instead i'm going to price EP's modestly no more then £4 a release with an option to pay more if you feel like you wanted to, no matter how attached to the music I am I still have logic.


The money raised goes on little things I need, AC Adapters, cables (u can never have too many),Compressed Air to blow dust from various machines,cassettes ect; so each pound is precious and when the times comes that i have far too many of these things, ill look into pressing up a tape run or some t-shirts all nice things. that people can hold in there hands that enjoy my music.


So thats my pitch, So take a few moments (or hours ;-)) to check out the trakxz and enjoy yourself






Christopher Moss


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