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  • Joyrex

    Welcome To Our Latest Site Feature - Blogs!

    By Joyrex

    As mentioned previously, I've added blogs to the site as a way for music makers to better share their latest creations, get feedback, and promote their music here on WATMM. Now, you can of course blog about anything you like, but the impetus was for our music-making members to have a powerful promotion tool on the site.   More to come when I have the time, along with details about how you can get a blog here on WATMM as well!


i do enjoy the occasional salad once in a while...ceaser's salad is nice...i bet he liked to toss his salad...har har...more later on the problematics of tuna salad...



seaweed salad

seaweed salad and drinking are a match made in heaven! lol   i seem to have the craziest salt cravings when drinking with my girl, we stock up on cashews and potato chips, but just the good ones :)   she was in the kitchen tonight mixing up some luxurious bloody marys, she's a freak for tomato juice but it makes my stomach churn...

Rubin Farr

Rubin Farr

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